Game Of Thrones: Season 7 Finale.

Winter is here… DEATH IS COMING!

Spoiler Alert: They all die at the end, he finds out that’s his father, they find the ghost are the living and they are the real ghost, she sees the father looking alien and comes back with no proof, he finds his son at Sydney, he phoned home and got picked up by his parents. 🙂

First of all.. I am mad we on episode 7 and it is already a damn season finale…. like… All the money HBO is making from this show and they can only come through with 7 episodes? MER!

Now to the topic at hand, (Jamie… no pun intended), Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale! We open up with a whole lot of talking. It was like an episode of 7th Heaven (That’s So Raven). Every body and they momma want to meet back up like they some long lost besties from 3rd grade. Different Characters that have not seen each other in a LONG time finally get to meet up. While they are talking you are like, “Oh shit they gonna be mad, oh wait wait they aren’t mad… wait something about to pop off, oh wait.. nah they cool, they’re still friends… YAY!” Whomp Whomp Whomp. I am surprise they didn’t form one big hugging calming circle and talk about liking sweet tears of joys and unicorns. But for real… everyone is ruthless and tuff in their own ways but this episode everyone wanted to play Patty Cake with each other…

At the meeting of the “Top Dawgs.” I was mad they allowed Cersei to carry on with her stuck up attitude, like slap her, or cut her splits ends off… something. Why do they even need her? She is a non factor… Her Army is half done, none of the other houses have her back, the people do not give a shit about her… she has nothing but her brother and fear… They should’ve just Murder Death Killed her and all that would have been done with… but no…. of course the fun of the game of thrones must continue a little longer… I don’t trust her… her own shadow don’t even trust her… Nothing she did was a surprise… she did let her brother go… I was surprised. I thought he was going to die for a second but… he must give good hugs. HA.

I made a meme!

The next big scene is with Sansa and Arya. Sisters hating on each other… we think Sansa is going bad and turning into a little Cersei…. And Little Finger might make the two Stark Sisters to feud but… we learn his games are over. CHECK MATE BITCH. I knew both Starks were smart enough and new Little Finger was all about lies and he only cared about himself so I already knew he was going to get surprised… *tips forty*

Last but not least.. we are at the wall. Now I was upset because it is known that the army of the dead is on the march and we know they are going to The Wall… so I do not know why the men at The Wall didn’t have scouts out a few days in front of the wall waiting for the army so when they get close enough they can signal the men at The Wall to get ready. Run like Gendry Gump, a raven… smoke signal.. SOMETHING. Like how you wait for the army to come knocking on your door…. aint like they have any Pepsi.
THEY WEREN’T NOT READY. How are you not ready…. like… they were waiting just to see them… no plans… like at the very least DONT EVEN BE THERE…. that was so stupid.

The Night King… he gave the real *gets hard* moment. He was not even playing. Knocking walls down like a Pimp do his hoe when she owes him money. BAM. I was loving the dragon the and all the blue pretty sparklying explosions! YAS! *death drop* It was the only real action in this episode and it was great.*applause*

I was really hoping the real final battle was going to be at the wall… but meh. The march continues and now we have to wait 18 months for Season 8. *sighs* I guess I will have to go walk children in nature to waste time until then.

But Snow and the CAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye men… the real bitches in the story. Trying to kill the children of the forrest who ended up making the white walkers to kill y’all dumb carbon base life forms asses and now… they taking over everything… 🙂

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A been gone for a minute now I’m back at the Blog Off!

Did he… oh yes he did… POST A NEW BLOG ENTRY! Say Word, Say Sentence, shoot Say PREPOSITIONAL PHRASE!

Oh how you missed me. The minutes, the hours, the days, the weeks, the years with out the presence of “Orlando Soto Jr. Mr. Trophy if ya nasty” to guide you into the future. I know you have been wallowing in your tears and patiently awaiting my return. The wait is over (but might come back again).

Update on My Life:
Life is moving forward. Very uneventful and very monotonous. I am still the same homosapien from the block. I pretty much just work, come home watch movies, play some video games, bother and annoy people around me, stay out of trouble and day dream of developing super powers to save the world from the stupid people that plague us all. Chocolate and chicken are my best friends. I still live with the Goya Clan. Still planning on moving but never go any where. Still paying off college debt. Smh.

The only thing new I have been doing is trying to be more out going. My last year New Years Resolution was to be more outgoing and travel more… so I did. I went to Miami, Chicago, NY, Boston, and Providence. This year I plan to continue with my progress and journey to new worlds withing the continental area of course.

I have plans to go to Las Vegas in two weeks! I am excited about that but… Two weeks ago some heifer going to find herself speeding and ran through a stop sign… and Of-course the powers that be made it so that I was present at that very moment when it would allow her to SMASH her faded 2006 Nissan into my car (that I just bought 2 months ago might I add). So hopefully I feel a little better by then so I can still go if not I will have to cancel. 🙁

2016 has been kinda sucking ass. I had to rush and get a newer car because my old car was messing up. Spent a lot of money there and BAM I get into the car accident. A lot of job drama. Again I become the dope ass employee that does a lot of the work with such golden quality and even train new hires and ONCE AGAIN forced to deal with Catty, Pitiful, Lying Humans that want to make me look bad because they don’t like how good I am and how I defend myself and don’t back down when I know I am right. It is a sad day in America when ADULTS in a Professional Environment behave like high school children. Humans are so flawed. I was born with integrity so it frustrates me when other people lack it.
After that I had some finical BS but that’s getting better. Oh, and I was sick this week. Throwing up like the Exorcist. The power of Christ was not compelling me! It was horrible and I am still healing from the car accident. 🙁

What else what else…

Oh still no cuddle. Yes I said it… STILL NO CUDDLE BUDDY. Those who knew me since back on days know I been waiting a LONG TIME. What happened was… after trying and dealing with so much BS I just quit. I don’t want to waste any more time on short term disappointments. So I decided to save myself for Luke Perry but as I said… still nothing. I kind of don’t mind anymore. I kind of accepted I am always going to be single, eventually look like Santa Claus and be the old funny man with 12 cats… It is what it is. But for real though… if y’all got a brother, cousin, or young uncle… HOOK IT UP. 🙂

Plans for the future:
Just move out on my own. Get these damn school loans down and done with. Keep an eye out for better opportunities and possibly even move out of state (how he moving out of state when he aint even move out the nest yet?).
I would love to get the opportunity to have time to write. I would love to be a fiction writer. I want to learn how to sew so I can make super hero, sci fi type cloths. Could be cool. One day.

Other then that just keep on being me.

Until next time….. stay strong in the force.

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Erase The Trace.

Erase the trace and fold the mold glow that does not shine my true brightness.
Memory of other false hearts smothers me down, leaving false lightness.
Gifts to lift your joy boil to a spoil and the remains stain strong efforts built high
Retrospect the regret in your back step leaves my heart with a shining sigh
Erase the trace that shadows my strength and the lengths I climb to have love now
Proud of how loud heart of love sings the work I tried makes green Cupid bow
Erase the trace for it is a false place I do not willfully wallow in hollow holey hearts
Once spoken true to be a broken shoe I slow my pace for love’s race I must restart
Pick a new rose to grow, shine my heart bright but its light does not give any rise
Attempts to hold hearts with curves and new angles I mangle the soon fall I despise
The failed bond leaves trails of pale faces but my eyes gleam as my heart screams
Love echoes are not heard, blurred sights not bright the horizon is a distant dream
Drip the tip of past pain that stains my smile all the while I move along love’s road.
Burn from turns along my journey, confusion from illusions my heart ticks to explode.
Erase the trace with haste that is pasted and wasted around my soft soul’s edges.
It brought thoughts of the past that needs not to last, must trim them down like hedges
Do not focus on the hints of sorrow I borrow for they fade when tomorrow is here
My darkened lining does not bind me and the timing for heart of love is near
Erase the trace from my face laced with facial expressions from lessons learned
Ready I am for what is bright and I shall fight until being in love is my turn

May 04th, 2011.

Copy written so DONT COPY ME!

Trophy says, “I thought of “erase the trace” and starting writing phrases for a poem. Pretty much the poem is about erasing the traces of past heart brakes and messed up relationships. The trace should be erased because it shouldn’t stop someone from moving forward to something greater. What do you think about the poem? 🙂 “

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