Enemy Is Me

Enemy is me for I sigh out a last hope to float free to see blunt love in front
Knowledge of defeat grows heavy heat and heart beats a bronze brunt
Multiple melancholy memories with no visible hint of a smooth silver lining
Heart of love’s light drips tears of fast fear for now it has stopped shinning
Enemy is me for I welcome the dieing drums of defeat since strength flees
I meet with a greet a hollow half heart with no direction of love to seize
Hopes that gave life end now in stiff strife I toss a white flag for there is no more
My wanting arms are no longer open for I have been defeated in love’s war
Compelled to tell and how I yell the number of pains I plunder to my demise
Much mad reason for the bad treason but I despise my heart I do not recognize
Not easy has it come to be how I carried then buried my hopes in deep damp dirt
I fought the thoughts that alone has brought now my heart has new levels of hurt
Enemy is me for the invasive attack lacks defense, movement in my mind has stopped
Arduous to adopt around my cage I rage for I hold no love so my soul dropped
Retrospect love’s debt I regret for I raise no rose high so life owes me no cost
No life can be heard so absurd are my silent cold words of exile but I can defrost
Pain I gain for I am the foe, he who I curse the worst I see within my own eyes
Traitor against love cannot be my friend, now the end I search for new tries
For love’s survival invert the rival battle again for in love I must foresee
Must rearrange the change for the enemy of my enemy is who I must be

June 11th, 2011.

Copy written so DONT COPY ME!

Trophy says, “Enemy is me is saying that I consider myself to be an enemy since I am giving up on love.”

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Erase The Trace.

Erase the trace and fold the mold glow that does not shine my true brightness.
Memory of other false hearts smothers me down, leaving false lightness.
Gifts to lift your joy boil to a spoil and the remains stain strong efforts built high
Retrospect the regret in your back step leaves my heart with a shining sigh
Erase the trace that shadows my strength and the lengths I climb to have love now
Proud of how loud heart of love sings the work I tried makes green Cupid bow
Erase the trace for it is a false place I do not willfully wallow in hollow holey hearts
Once spoken true to be a broken shoe I slow my pace for love’s race I must restart
Pick a new rose to grow, shine my heart bright but its light does not give any rise
Attempts to hold hearts with curves and new angles I mangle the soon fall I despise
The failed bond leaves trails of pale faces but my eyes gleam as my heart screams
Love echoes are not heard, blurred sights not bright the horizon is a distant dream
Drip the tip of past pain that stains my smile all the while I move along love’s road.
Burn from turns along my journey, confusion from illusions my heart ticks to explode.
Erase the trace with haste that is pasted and wasted around my soft soul’s edges.
It brought thoughts of the past that needs not to last, must trim them down like hedges
Do not focus on the hints of sorrow I borrow for they fade when tomorrow is here
My darkened lining does not bind me and the timing for heart of love is near
Erase the trace from my face laced with facial expressions from lessons learned
Ready I am for what is bright and I shall fight until being in love is my turn

May 04th, 2011.

Copy written so DONT COPY ME!

Trophy says, “I thought of “erase the trace” and starting writing phrases for a poem. Pretty much the poem is about erasing the traces of past heart brakes and messed up relationships. The trace should be erased because it shouldn’t stop someone from moving forward to something greater. What do you think about the poem? 🙂 “

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