Call of Duty: GHOSTS! 11/05/13.

The beautiful minds at Activision have announced the next game in their franchise to be: COD: Ghosts. The new First Person Shooter will be ready on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 5, 2013 and on “next-generation platforms” on an unspecified date.

Activision will debut the next-gen version of Call of Duty: Ghosts – and revealing its new engine to the world – during Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox ‘Next Generation’ event on May 21.

See Teaser Trailer below:

Trophy says, “Anything Call of Duty I learned is FUN FUN FUN, so of course I will be getting this game as I am sure millions of people will be. I kind of wish Activision will take a COD game and turn in more fiction. Imagine some type of XMEN power fighting Mutliplayer mode like in COD… would be epic! One day…

Who else is ready for Ghosts?”

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Gamer News: Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 New DLC! “From Ashes”

Bioware released information that Mass Effect 3 will have DLC that will be available for the game on the Xbox Marketplace. From Ashes will cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10.00). From Ashes will, “Unearth lost secrets from the past and recruit the Prothean squad member.”

Trophy says, “Now usually I hate when games come out and five minutes later there is DLC for MORE MONEY. Its so damn greedy… if the game is out… just ADD IT AND INCLUDE IT IN THE DAMN GAME! But since I love Mass Effect 2 and ALL THE DLCS for Mass Effect 2 were GREAT… I aint that mad. I cannot wait to play this. WE HAVE TO HELP SAVE THE WORLD AND TAKE IT BACK!!!!”

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Gamer News: Borderlands 2 Launch Trailer! Vault Hunters WANTED!

Borderlands 2 will be out in North America on September 18, and internationally on September 21

Trophy says, “OMG I AM SO EXCITED FOR BORDERLANDS 2. I am loving ZERO and the new girl so far. I really wanted my HUNTER back with his BLOODWING though :(. It looks cool so far, I will be playing this the day it comes out! Anyone “getting hard” over this?”

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Gaymer News: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Video Trailer!

Release Date – Mar 6, 2012!

Trophy says, “I cannot wait for this game. I better have a job in time so I can buy it. I didnt get into Mass Effect that much because once I got to the ciadel I got so bored with all the talking… I fell in love with Mass Effect 2! though and I am sure I will like the 3rd one just as much if not more.”

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Playing COD MW3 – My Gaymer Skills! #GOTROPHY

Trophy says, “YAY! I am finally getting better at COD MODERN WARFARE 3. I guess finally getting use to most of the maps and getting my gun leveled up makes it a lot easier! It came to be that I am a “Stick and Move” shooter or can also be described as a “Mini Camper” Hey it works for me! Lets Play! XBOX 360 Gamer Tag – I AM TROPHY”

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