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[personal mood=”quixotic”] It has been a while since I updated this blog with a personal blog, but don’t worry children of the corn I AM HERE! I don’t remember my last bog so let me cover the basic of the past. My BDay was kinda blah, no BDay cuddle date either. I did get TGIFridays so I was at least happy about that. But having a 29th BDay with no job or money because uneventful. (total epic whomp). Xmas was nice, I was kind of broke but I still managed to get ALL MY KIDDIES good XMas gifts. Best Tio mode in full effect. New Years was ok.

Fast Forward to this recent present, I had Jury Duty today! Now I don’t know why people get so mad about it, I actually think it is cool to sit in on a case just as long as it is not a LONG case more then a day, haha. It was boring though, I didn’t get picked. It was hot ass hell in the that room surrounded by weird homosapiens… and by 12:00pm they send us all home. I so wanted to say, “Your Honor, we the jury find the defendant GUILTY of all charges!”

As we all know, I am BROKE to the 5th Power! I do have a Job Interview tomorrow. I so hope I get it. I need some checks coming in so I can buy a new car and get my life together. I am nervous though because I get real shy and stuttery during interviews. I hope I can get through it and I hope I land the spot. Its a decent job that’s real close to home so it will be perfect for me. Wish Me Luck!

I am still working on my first book, Angen:The Awakening. I feel like I am about %65 done with the story so far. It is actually pretty good. I am surprised how good I am at it. I should have been starting writing fiction stories. My goal is to finish writing it and then editing it by the summer. Then send it out to get published and hopefully make a career out of it. Writing is something that I can do on the side and on top of working a 9 to 5. So would be cool to get into. [/personal]

[valentinesday objective=”find cuddle buddy”] So my Favorite Holiday in the world is coming up very soon, Valentines Day! I am waiting for Cupid to come and shoot me in the ass, but I don’t think he likes me. Now I am excited but I do not have any possibility of anything for a VDay Date. Even though I might just stay in and no do anything I still love Valentines Day. I love the thought of everyone being more special and more thoughtful of a person they “love”. Even if its a day out of the year, its still nice. I always am very hoping I will pop up with a VDay Cuddle Date right up until 11:59pm that day, I know I am a Sap. Aint nada wrong with a late night VDay Cuddle last minute HUG to make the day worth while. *big smiles* [/valentinesday]

[television show=”Ru Pauls Drag Race” episode=”RuPocalypse”] My favorite show is FINALLY back, Ru Paul’s Drag Race! I love this show so much. It has EVERYTHING you want and need from a successful and entertaining television show. I love the new cast of girls. I do not see any boogers really so far. I love the zombie challenge. I love how the old queens were zombies that was cute. The outfits made were very nice. I liked PhiPhi and The Princess outfits the best. This year the girls are way more feisty then ever. The library is OPEN! I was sad to see Alisa leave, she was my favorite! I thought Dita Ritz should have been in the bottom two. The Lip Sync was epic, Jiggly shut it down. That Death Drop Split was the hottest move is Drag Race history! I wish Alisa would have took her heels off and put more energy into it. Jiggly had on flats which I think helped her win. I cannot wait for the nest episode and the Snatch Game! Everyeone watch this fun filled family show on Monday at 9 on LogoTV! [/television]

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RuPaul’s Drag Race: Who Wore It Best! (Swim Ware.) Battle Of the Seasons!

We now have the Swim Ware Category. From Season 1 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race we have Tammie Brown rocking her “fitness model from the 40s” style. From Season 2 we have Tyra Sanchez “The Other Tyra” rocking her poolside season finale runway outfit. From Season 3 we have Carmen Carrera rocking her belt accessorized swim ware style. Who Wore It Best?

For me, Carmen Carrera is the winner! I love the color contrast of her swim ware outfit. I love the “split cape” in the back. I also love how she used belts to accessorize her neck, shoes, and wrists. A very close second place goes to Tyra Sancez. Her look always looks Classic, Elegant and Stylish. Last but not least, Third goes to Tammie Brown. I love Tammie and her unique style of drag.

So who do you think Who Wore It Best? (1st, 2nd and 3rd).

Say Hello to the Girls:

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Trophy’s Vacation, Clear Water Beach, Sheppards, NOH8!, RuPual’s Drag Race.

[personal mood=”quixotic”] So I am still in sunny Florida, enjoying my vacation. I been here almost a month now since April 6th. Fun so far. I been chilling at the beach a lot. My cousin Marilyn got a hotel at Clear water Beach for the weekend so we stayed there. The beach is beautiful. They have so much to do there. Water slides, a movie screen at night, para sailing, magicians and street performers, always something to do or watch there. We stayed at the hotel that had a heated pool. I loved it, feels nice to be in a pool at night and still be warm! Plus I got to see my old coworker Joan we came with us to the beach! I can say now I definitively have a nice tan. I actually hope I do not get any darker. I guess I am so used to being Casper Pale White that being tan looks out of place, haha. *puts on sun block SPF 300!*

Me and Erica went out to Sheppard’s which is a hotel and they have a club there called The Wave club. It was fun actually. We kept going back between the club part and the Tiki Bar, bar section. Music was cool. ME and her was dancing like fools the whole night. There was a song that was playing that chick would sing …”Hello!” haha I wish I knew what song it was. It is stuck in my head, do you know it? Let’s just say me and Erica had one too many.. haha. Damn Those RUM RUNNERS with a FLOATER ON TOP! We drunked walked home. It took us like 90 minutes to get home when it only should have took 10 minutes, lol! This white lady pulled over to us walking and she was like, “mam do you know him! we are not letting you walk home alone with him!” She thought I was taking Erica home with me to rape her or something! haha, damn concerned white people. I was like, “I am gay, you know a homosexual… she is my cousin’s best friend and we are going to her hotel now!” That was too funny, ME? A sexual predator… a female sexual predator at that… GROSS! haha.[/personal]

more pics

[nohate type=”homoblooddiscrimination”] Me and my cousin Tiesha went to the movies for Easter weekend with our nephew AJ to go see the Rio Bird Movie. It was actually a cute kid cartoon movie. My Fav part was the little bird rap, “take it to the floor, drop it drop it drop it low..” HAHA! After the movie in the parking there is this big bus that you can donate blood and get a free movie ticket. I always wanted to donate bllod and do a good deed for humanity so we agreeded to do it. I fill out the paper work and… Question: “Have you had sex with a man even once since 1972. Answer: Yes…. Lady was like ok Bye! Haha she told me since I had sex with a man that I could not donate blood that it is a law against it… I was like WHOA! After I read it a remembered hearing about how gays cannot donate blood… it was kinda mean though. First time I felt discrimminated against… 🙁 *sighs* NOH8! But my cousin Tiesha gave me her free ticket since she donated blood and she felt bad… 🙂 but then again she LOST the ticket so boo @ her! haha.[/nohate]

[tv show=”rupualsdragrace”]So me and Tiesha went to Chelsea Night Club in Tampa FL, to see the RuPual’s Drag Race Season Finale! It was a small cool little spot. We watched the show on all the TV and had a few drinks. I already knew that Alexis was not going to win it. I was kinda sad because it did feel a little of Favoritism coming from the Judges towards Raja and Manilia… but… All is fair in War and Drag. I kinda wanted Manilia to win. Raja I like yea but I think Manilia has more of a Drag Star Life then Raja. Raja is more a makeup and fashion cross dresser star, #no shade. But Congratulations to Raja! At Chelsea they had a raffle and we won some shirts and RuPual Drag Race Calendars!

We went back Monday for the Reunion show. I was mad at Chelsea club because some DJ messed up the wires so only One TV worked… and then there was this White Lady from London who was yelling because she was drunk and it was her birthday. Bitch told me “it’s hard life for a pimp” WTF, her Harry Potter sounded ass was so annoying. I didn’t get to hear half of the show so I probably will watch it online at www.logotv.com I was glad Yara Sofia won Ms Congeniality, she was the least shady I voted for her for it. YAY YARA! Sad the show is over, I need Season 4 to come ALREADY! If you could pick someone to come back who would it be? I would pick Venus Delight or Mariah! Venus I think she had some stuff to throw down but didn’t get to, and Mariah I love, she was one of my Favorites so mad she went home! Let me Sashe Away! OMG real quick, is it funny that one of the RuPaul Drag Race ladies for one of the three seasons hit my up on adam4adam.com! LOL! ECHA PALANTE! [/tv]

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Income Tax Taken, Xbox 360 is Sick, Dead Space 2, Basketball Wives, RPDR.

[personal mood=”quixotic”] So this is this and that is that… Not much to report really. I been in total dilly dally mode past few weeks. I aint been blogging or playing that much Xbox either… just been sleeping, eating and watching TV. Same o same o with me like always…

I was sad the other day because I did my taxes… I was suppose to get back $650 from Federal Income Tax. So the money I had I was spending… I bought plane ticket to Florida… and comes to be that they took my whole Federal Check away…. So I didn’t get NOTHING. I was so sad. I wasn’t surprised because I owe school loans, but damn if I knew I was not going to get it I wouldn’t have bought so much crap or buy the plane tickets for my vacation. This sucks. Now I gotta go to Florida broke.. total whomp. Damn the IRS, I wish they would have told me when I first did it so I knew what to expect. Ah well… [/personal]

[gamer playing=”deadspace2, bulletstorm” gamertag=”I AM TROPHY”] I wanted to cry the other day, my Xbox 360 started making a real loud noise.. so I knew something was wrong. I called in and it was on March 9th, the guy told me that my Warranty Expired on March 8th! I am like “YESTERDAY!” He was like I had to spend $100 to fix my Xbox 360. I was so heated. I spent $400 on my Xbox 360 because it was a 250 Gb FF 13 Special Edition. So I was mad, but I checked for the receipt… My receipt said March 9th, so I was like HELL NAH! I bought it March 9th!!!! So they had to be a dispute it and I am waiting for them to call me back. They better call me back tomorrow… I hope they dont aggravate me too much. I will cut a bitch. I need my xbox 360 fixed and sent back before I go to Florida! I am taking it with me…

I had to clean up my Action Figure toys… my damn nephew knocked them over. I got a new one, a Necromorph from Dead Space 2. He is so cute 🙂

I beat Dead Space 2 – Love this game so much. I just beat the DLC Severed. It was ok. could have been more… but did like getting all the achievements. I got all but three now, and I prob gonna get two more today.. YAY GO ME! I love scary games that are shooters. They are the best. Next I am gonna play Bulletstorm. I hope it is good the game play trailers I saw look fun so… should be good gaming. I am so waiting for Mortal Kombat 9 to come out in April. ITS GONNA BE EPIC!!!! [/gamer]

[tv shows=”basketballwives;rupaulsdragrace”] I could not believe that last Episode of Basketball Wives. I was totally surprised, did not see that coming at all! I understand how Evelyn was like “I don’t know when it was a good time to tell her” Which is very true.. but why when you tell you you cop and attitude and start talking shit back! That was so fucked up. Like Tammie has a right to be mad and angered. Let her blow off her lil steam, you say sorry and that would have been it. But no Evelyn got to be a hot headed bitch and go there and start talking shit. “You a non mother fucking factor bitch” I am so glad Tammie popped her. Evelyn got nothing but players after players… she is a straight up Gold Digger. Smh, Is the reunion tonight? I gotta see it.

I love RuPaul’s Drag Race but I aint feeling this season too much. Like I liked a lot of the girls but I do not love none yet. No one, to me, is Drag Super Star quality… they are all just really good. I don’t know who is going to win at this point (even though I know someone who is cool with one of the girls and he always tells me who is going to win, DAMN HIM!!!) But I don’t know… I like Season 2 more… What to yall think? [/tv]

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Tax Return, Florida Vacation, Gamer Mode, Drag Race.

[personal] So I went and did my Income Taxes and I am happy for the most part on what I am getting back. I thought I was going to get more back because they took out like $2,000 in taxes from me this year… but I got only like 30% of that. I really don’t understand how they calculate the returns. But it is cool. It is way more then I got last year. I got my state part already which was $500. I spend like $200 the first day haha, and I cannot allow myself to spend no more. I am waiting for my Federal Part which is like $600. I am scared they are going to take it away since I am way behind on my school loans… but hopefully I get it. Besides a vacation, I wanna buy myself a new toy (gamer action figure) a pair of white sneakers (probably air forces) a new fitted (prob NY Yankee hat) and that is about it. OH I need to get more memory added to my laptop, bitch is slowing down.

Vacation mode is in full effect. Since I am getting some money back from my taxes, I decided to go on vacation and go back to Florida. I already bought my ticket there. I am going April 6th 🙂 I am excited I had fun last time, and I so miss the beaches out there. It is BEAUTIFUL. I got some cousins down there so I will be staying with them. My girl Jessica G is coming down with me, so that is going to be fun. She is only going to stay a week while I am going to stay for like a month or 2 or maybe move down to FL for good. It is a thought in my head we shall see. [/personal]

[gamer mode] So as yall know I LOVE VIDEO GAMES. It allows you to LIVE a TRUE ADVENTURE. (haha I know I am a dork for saying that). So I beat and loved Dead Space 2. Those monsters are so much fun to destroy and STOMP INTO PIECES! I love the horror scaryness. There is great choice of weapons to choice from. I love how you have power like abilities: Stasis (kinda like a slow down freeze) and Telekinesis. SO MUCH FUN. The variety of enemies is great, and I love show different enemies must be killed certain ways. I loved it, I give it a 9. The multiplayer is fun always but I was upset when EA made it that you need an online code to play it. It such a sneak greedy move from the game developers. SMH. But I definitively recommend this game to al who love scary horror games, shooter games, and action games. PLAY IT!


Now I am playing Marvel vs Capcom 3. I am not too in love with the game. I don’t think it is fully polished and they could have did more to do. It is so not worth $60, I am glad I only rented it from Gamefly. But it is fun to play. There is a lot of great characters with great powers and special moves. Then with 3 vs 3 the battles are EPIC. So much fun. I am working on some achievements and hopefully it grows on me. [/gamer mode]

[tv show=”Ru Pauls Drag Race”] I love Ru Paul’s Drag Race! These bitches are so funny. Prob my favorite gay show of all time. So watch it on Logo Tv! So far I am loving the new girls. Some are starting to talk a lot of shit so they are loosing cool points… I don’t like people who talk junk about others. I think Stacey is doing a real good job so far and I don’t know why everyone is hating on her. Delta needs to shut up already hating on people. I was so sad that Mariah left she was one of my favs and she was so funny on her interviews. I think Raja should have won the challenge though, she was the main one who had the most energy. I love Carmen, I just prefer her with cloths on. I think her looks is better with her cloths then being naked. Naked is boring to me. I am glad her and my other latins are still in it, Yara and Alexis! I didn’t get to see the Untuck yet! My damn dvr did record it, I was so mad! Gonna see it later today. Anyone else watch it? What yall think so far? [/tv]

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Jessica Wild, RED, TGIFridays, A little Anthrax.

[personal mood=”sick” rotation=”Ru Paul’s Don’t Be Jealous Of My Boogie”]So right now I am feeling a little sick, “Je suis un peu malade.” I think I have Anthrax. This sucks. I hate feeling sick. I am the biggest bitch pussy baby when I am sick… haha. All I want is my bed, cold orange juice and my mother’s sopa (soup). Lucky for me she is making soup today! YAY!

I think I got sick because went to TGIFridays with my home girl Jessica. I have to say, I LOVE TGIFRIDAYs. That Jack Daniels sauce has to have crack in it because it is so good. I go to TGIFridays like once a week if not more. Total Boomer Mode I know but it is so good! And the dessert, the Brownie Obsession is just SO GOOD, total *gets hard* moment. Now Jessica was already sick, and we shared a Brownie Obsession. So now I feel sick, it is all her fault. That’s what I get for sharing! whomp. smh. This sickness better go away, and I am waiting because she said she is going to treat me to TGIFridays… watch her make me wait till Income Tax Time, haha.

Still looking for a job. Getting a little nervous since my unemployment is running out in two weeks. If they don’t extend it, I am gonna jump off a bridge with a pink ballerina outfit on. [/personal]

[movie title=”RED” rating=”7″] So I went to the movies (like I always do) and saw the movie RED. Retired Extremely Dangerous. It is pretty much about a few old retired CIA agents that are forced to get back in the game since the new CIA agents are trying to kill them. So they try to stay alive and figure out why they are being hunted. The movie was good. It was kinda cool seeing “older” people shooting and fighting and killing. The lady was my favorite she had a gun turret and was light shit up! Now the movie was also funny, a lot of parts were humorous and specially the crazy guy haha, “Grandpa My Ass!” I just wish there was a little bit more action, it was a lot more story then action. I needed like 1 more hand to hand combat fight, another car chase and one more gun fight to make the movie more a 9. But a 7 is good for a movie. If you like some action mixed with some comedy this would be a good movie for you. Oh and there is a few little cute love type scenes, always a good addition to any movie. “She shot me three times in the chest, I knew she still loved me.” So romantic. [/movie]

[nightlife event=”Drag Show” celeb=”Jessica Wild”] I am so excited I got to see Jessica Wild from Ru Paul’s Drag Race on LOGO. This was a show for drag queens to compete and try to be the next Drag Superstar! It is pretty much like Tyra’s Next Top Mode but with gay dudes as drag queens. I so loved the show, I kinda miss it now that it has been over. Jessica Wild was on of my favorites. It was cute she posted on her Twitter @JessicaWild / @IAMTROPHY, that she was coming to CT and I tweeted her back and we had a little twitter conversation :). I went to Up or On the Rocks in Hartford, CT to see her.

| |

She did a great job! I got to take pics with her, she was really nice and TALL. I was glad I got to see one of the girls from Ru Paul’s Drag Race. JujuBee is going to be at this club in NY this Friday. I am trying to go see her.[/nightlife]

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