Crazy Dream: Trophy Versus Zombie and Vampires!

[random=”Crazy Dream” type=”Zombies & Vampires”] OMG I just woke up a few minutes ago and I am remembering a crazy dream I had last night. So I turn the corner and I see a Big Giant Fat Boomer zombie and a Vampire female coming after. The Boomer Zombie scared me so I jumped behind a table to try and get away. I lifted a chair up and pushed the Boomer Zombie back and I stabbed him in the stomach with the leg of the chair and green ooze flushed out of him. I killed the Vampire Lady with the scissors.

Mind you this is all taking place in the Men’s Bathroom. I started at a School and went into the bathroom which was huge like a Men’s locker room. Go figure I would be having a dream about zombies and vampires inside a Men’s Bathroom. haha.

So now me and my partner which was a guy but I cant remember who he was or what he looked like, run towards the entrance to get out the bathroom. I take the scissors and brake it in half. I gripped each half in each hands. I ended up giving one to my partner. When we saw the door to leave two more damn vampires came in to get us. We got scared and ran the other way which was down a long corridor.

When we got to the end of the corridor the two vampires caught up to us. There was a guy and a girl vampire. For some unknown reason there was two metal bear traps on the floor next to us (ya know the one with teeth and your foot gets caught on it). So I took them and threw it and it slid on the floor right next to their feet. The Male Vampire kicked it back and I reopened the bear trap and threw it back at him and the other at the Female Vampire. They both got there foot stuck in it (dumb asses, lol) and I ran up to them with my scissor blade and stabbed them both. They hit the floor and I kept yelling “the bodies have to burn”! I pushed the male vampire close to the window were some sunlight hit him and his body caught on fire and then I flipped his body over onto the female vampire and she caught on fire. GO TROPHY!

I love my dreams, they are so much fun! 🙂
You ever have a dream like this? [/random]

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DMV Part 2,Vehicle, Random, Movie: DEVIL

[personal mood=”quixotic”] More BS at the DMV, so my sister Maylene had to go tot the DMV today, she needed to use my car to take the driving test. Simple right? NO! They needed my registration and insurance card, I gave it to her… come to find out my insurance card is expired back on August 17th and my insurance company Progressive never sent me my new card. So they said “BOOP, you can’t take the test” So she gets in line to reschedule for another day, thanks to the long Rican Familia line her aunt works there and tells us to call the insurance and fax it over and she can take the test in 15 minutes. They fax it over, but while we waited my sister wanted to get a cigarette… I started playing with the lighter on my jeans and it caught on fire a little and I quickly left the vehicle. Now everything is ok? NO! Comes to find out I LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE CAR! So yea she definitely had to reschedule for tomorrow. Wish her luck.

I was trying to look for a job in the CT newspaper wants ads. It was Very Unsuccessfulbecause that section was 5 pages front and back, the job part was only ONE PAGE, on ONE SIDE, and only 1/3 of that side… WTF! There was nothing there! What I am suppose to do? *shakes head* I am starting to get nervous.

On top of my high level of brokeness, my vehicle decides out of the three years I had it, NOW it wants to start messing up. I just spent $250 on brake pads and back shoes (whatever all that is) and then the mechanic is like you got this, this and that else wrong with it… probably going to have to spend another $1000 on it. This is some bull shit. *slits wrist*

My X Mas Tree is going to be very lonely this year, for real. [/personal]

[movie name=”Devil” rating=”good”] So I got to see the M Night Shyamalan movie, DEVIL. Now I do think the movie was good overall. It was entertaining and suspenseful. It was a little scary because most scenes you don’t know what is going on and better yet who is doing what. So that was cool. Just a few parts don’t fit with it being a real story (I know its fiction but its a fiction movie that tries to make it look real). Like the whole thing is recorded on video in the security room, so if the Devil really does do things like this why there aint no proof floating around besides a few stories… whomp. Another thing it was short 1hr and 20 minutes, now a days movies are like 2 hours and more and this one is only 80 minutes, that just screams to me weak script and not fully developed story line… which in some cases it was. I love the funny guy in the elevator he said, “Go Suck A Butt!” haha. [/movie]

[random] I need to get on my grind again with my writing. I wanna make a promise to myself to try and write a new poem every two months. hmmmm wish me luck. I also was thinking about doing on of those blog challenges but kinda remixing it to be more to my liking. We shall see. [/random]

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