Mortal Kombat X! *gets hard*

I am SO EXCITED for this game. Out of E3 this year this is the only game that tickled my pickle. :)
The graphics looks awesome and the new charcters look really cool to.
I am hoping the flow of the fighting is good.
I never really didnt care about the X RAY movies, I think they are stupid I would prefer a super move combining their powers and fighting like Marvel VS Capcom or something… Eh.

Sucks I have to wait until 2015… WTF.

I love a Fatality! :)

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Check out Freddy Krueger’s Mortal Kombat Babality!

Trophy says, “I aint feeling this Freddy Krueger that much. Mortal Kombat could have did so much more with him. The Babality is cute though.”

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Mortal Kombat Freddy Krueger Compatibility Pack also includes Sub-Zero outfits!

Netherrealm Studios developers having been adding new DLC Characters monthly for all those Mortal Kombat fans. With the DLC, they also add free compatibility downloads for gamers who do not purchase the DLCs. With this you will be able to still play with those gamers who did purchase the DLC and fight against the new characters and see the new costumes. The new DLC which will give gamers the chance to play as Freddy Kreuger will bring its compatibility pack #4 but with the 4th one you will also get two Sub-Zero costumes.

Once downloaded, the pack grants access to “Klassic Sub-Zero” (as he appeared in Mortal Kombat 3), and “Retro Cyber Sub-Zero,” another cyborg ninja variant and a consistently effective sign that we’re talking about video games here.

The MK9 Freddy Krueger DLC is available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network for $5 (400 Microsoft Points), or as part of the Mortal Kombat Season Pass for $15.

Trophy says, “I am glad they add a little extra with the costumes… $5 for a character to me seems kinda a lot. But since I got the Mortal Kombat Season Pass, I am getting Freddy for free… so all is cool. Who else is excited to play as Freddy Krueger!”

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Mortal Kombat’s New Kombatant: FREDDY KRUEGER

It looks like Mr. Freddy Krueger is relocating Elm Street to the Realm of Outworld! That is right Mortal Kombat’s Newest Kombatant will be the Teenager Nightmare Killer himself, Freddy Krueger. He is coming strong with his own special moves, x-ray attack and fatalities. The DLC will be added to the marketplace on August 9th for download. It will cost you $5.00 or 400 Microsoft Points.

Trophy says, “I dunno… I am kinda mad about this. Freddy has nothing to do with Mortal Kombat. It is like a desperate attempt from the developers to get a larger audience excited about the game… EPIC FAIL! I was hoping for a new MK Character… If you are going to go outside the box.. at least have a group a horror movie characters to play with so it feels like a set not just ONE RANDOM character… I dunno… I have the pass so I will play with Freddy but.. still kinda whack. I wonder what his Babality will be like?”

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Mortal Kombat Rain Trailer – DLC COMING 7/19/11!

Trophy says, “The man in the purple outfit is back! His moves look so cool! They really did him up in this game. I cannot wait to see his X-Ray move, his Fatalities and his Babality! I see the DLC characters are shaping out to be more fun to play with then the original. I got the Kombat Pass so I will be playing with Rain as soon as he is available for download!”

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