Gamer News: Newest Changes in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3!

Viewtiful Joe

Reduced hittable area when in the air.
Increased priority of j.S.
Slightly increased range of ground normal throws.
Reduced total frames of Shocking Pink.
Shocking Pink will not explode when sliding between buttons, and it cannot be juggled.
Added new move “V-Dodge”
Air Desperado can OTG.
Additional hits can be added to Mach Speed through rapid buttons presses.


Health increased to 850,000.
Changed falling speed of j.S.
j.S can OTG.
Added starup invincibility to Heavenly Slash.
Increased untechable time for first hit of Hellbound Slash.
Additional hits can be added to Goddess’ Bracelet through rapid buttons presses.


Decreased hit stun time on all normal attacks (L,M,H).
Decreased hit box size of M, cr.M.
Increased active frames of cr.M.
Stance change is possible in mid-air.
Increased active frames of charged Thunder Edge.
Sword portion of Glaive Chop causes knockdown.
Decreased untechable time of Assist ? (Cold Star).
Additional hits can be added to Divine Instruments through rapid button presses.


Increased feint input timing slightly for L and M versions of Thunder Knuckle.
Slightly decreased forward moving range of Thunder Knuckle M.
Untechable time from Thunder Knuckle H decreases with combo length.
Added new move “Optic Laser”


Health decreased to 1,000,000.
Damage and speed increase as his sunglasses get damaged.
Decreased startup of j.M.
Decreased float of Samurai Edge (Horizontal Fire).
Adjusted untechable time for all versions of Samurai Edge.
Phantom Move can be performed after Cobra Strike.
Decreased attack startup time of Jaguar Dash and increased active frames.
Increased damage of Jaguar Kick.
Increased hit box of Tiger Uppercut L and M.
Oppponent cannot tech after wall bounce from Tiger Uppercut M and H.
Increased invincibility frame startup of Rhino Charge.
Additional damage scaling is added after a successful Rhino Charge, so damage is decreased on extra hits.
Additional hits can be added to Lost in Nightmares (ground and air versions) through rapid buttons presses.


Can act immediately after a dash.
Increased float of cr.H.
Decreased startup of j.S and increased active frames.
Normal gun moves, Low Shot, cr.H, Air Low Shot can be empty canceled.
Minimum damage scaling on special attacks has been increased.
Increased active frames of Shot Gun.
Decreaed damage of Shot Gun.
Decreased untechable time of first hit of Combination Punch H.
Decreased gap of Prone Shot.
Machinegun portion of Sweep Combo can OTG.


All attacks float a little higher.
Slightly decreased forward moving range of cr.M.
Slightly reduced hit box sizes of all jumping attacks.


Increased movement speed of Zip Line.
Spencer will float higher during Zip Kick.
Slightly decreased initial startup of Armor Piercer.
Added new move “Bionic Bomber.”


Health increased to 830,000.
Decreased hit stun time on all normal attacks (L,M,H).
Slightly increased horizontal air knockback from Shippuga.
Applied limit on number of air Hyper Zero Blaster that can be performed in one jump.
Can cancel moves into Max Hyper Zero Blaster (except for Hyper Combos).
Max Hyper Zero Blaster no longer causes untechable knockdown.
Ground recovery time increased after Sentsuizan.
Changed angle of Sentsuizan H.
Raikousen will go behind an opponent in the corner.


Increased knockback for all moves.
Adjusted hit stun time and float heights for all moves.
Decreased minimum damage scaling on normal and special attacks.
Decreased hitbox size of L and M.
Lowered float of Clay Pigeon.
Decreased cancel time during startup of Bold Move.
Commands that were performed through repetitve joystick motions can now be done with a single additional button press.
Increased invincibility frame startup on The Hammer, and decreased total invincibility frames.
Decreased damage of Volcano-Beehive.
Slightly increased horizontal knockback from Beehive.
During Devil Trigger, Dante can now triple jump and double air dash.
Additional hits can be added to Million Dollars through rapid buttons presses.


Chain combo M -> cr.M -> cr.H or H is now possible.
Can perform Trick “Hopscotch,” Trick “Peekaboo,” and Round-Trip only once per jump.
Decreased total frames of Air Raid.
Air Maximum Voltage can OTG.
Additional hits can be added to Maximum Voltage (ground and air versions) through rapid buttons presses.


j.H causes greater knockback.
Increased down time from a normal throw.
Gustaff Fire is cancelable.
Increased jump cancel time of Gustaff Fire.
Untechable time from rock pickup part of Bandit Boulder decreases with combo length.
Can cancel after throwing the rocks in Bandit Boulder.
Increased minimum damage scaling of special attacks.
Servbot Launcher (all versions) can be rapid fire up to three times in a row.
Lowered float of ground Bonne Strike.
Untechable time from Air Bonne Strike decreases with combo length.
Fixed Bonne Mixer and Shakedown Mixer so they can come out on an empty cancel.
Removed invincibility from Assist ? (Gustaff Fire).
Additional hits can be added to Servbot Surprise through rapid buttons presses.
Additional hits can be added to Shakedown Mixer through rapid joystick rotations.


cr.H causes knockdown.
cr.H can OTG.
cr.H cannot be canceled.
Falls faster after an air throw.
Decreased initial startup invincibility of Assist ? (Double Lariat).
Assist ? (Double Lariat) no longer causes untechable knockdown.
Added invincibility to Rapid Fire Fist.
Additional hits can be added to Rapid Fire Fist through rapid buttons presses.
Additional hits can be added to Final Haggar Buster through rapid joystick rotations.


Untechable time from Toy Touch decreases with combo length.
Rolling Buckler no longer automatically tracks towards the opponent.
Delta Kick can be done in the air.
Third hit of Air Delta Kick causes ground bounce.
Decreased total frames of Sand Splash (all versions).
Sand Splash can OTG.
Decreased total frames of Kitty’s Helper.
Additional hits can be added to Dancing Flash through rapid buttons presses.
Additional hits can be added to Please Help Me through rapid buttons presses.


j.H, j.S priority has been slightly increased.
Increased frame advantage after all her throws.
Increased damage of Soul Fist.
Increased untechable time on a normal Soul Fist hit, but time decreases with combo length.
Added new move “Soul Drain.”
Decreased total frames for Flight.
Additional hits can be added to Finishing Shower through rapid buttons presses.


Can act immediately after a dash.
Minimum damage scaling on normal attacks has been increased.
Collarbone Breaker can be canceled.
Added new moves “Ren Hadoken,” “Baku Hadoken,” “Hado Shoryuken.”
Added new move “Hado Kakusei.”
During Hado Kakusei, Shinku Hadoken becomes “Shin Hadoken,” and Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku becomes “Shin Tatsumaki Senpukyaku.”
Additional hits can be added to Shinku Hadoken (all versions, including Shin Hadoken) through rapid buttons presses.
Additional hits can be added to Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (including Shin Tatsumaki Senpukyaku) through rapid buttons presses.

Lei Lei

Reduced startup of cr.M and decreased active frames.
Jump attacks cause slightly less float.
Rantetsu can chain combo into Edoga.
Increased untechable time from Edoga.
Increased variety of items Lei Lei can throw during Anki Hou.
Additional hits can be added to Tenrai Ha through rapid buttons presses.


Health decreased to 750,000.
Decreased priority of Tatsumaki Zankukyaku.
Increased horizontal knockback range of Tatsumaki Zankukyaku.
Hyakkishu can be done in the air.
Additional hits can be added to Messatsu Gohado (all versions) through rapid buttons presses.
Additional hits can be added to Tenma Gozanku (all versions) through rapid buttons presses.
Additional hits can be added to Raging Demon through rapid buttons presses.


M, cr.M can be jump canceled.
Yosokyaku can OTG.
Slightly increased priority of Hyakuretsukyaku.
Adjusted so Kikoanken is easier to perform.
Decreased startup of Tenshokyaku.
Increased untechable time from last hit of Tenshokyaku.
Can act after an Air Tenshokyaku.
Lowered arc of Air Tenshokyaku L.
Added new move “EX Spinning Bird Kick.”
Additional hits can be added to Kikosho through rapid buttons presses.

Trophy says, “I dont even understand what half this mess means but whatever the update is I hope it makes for better more balanced game play.”

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Gamer News: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Gameplay! See the new characters in action!

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 is being developed for XBOX 360, and PS3. The game will be released on November 15th, 2011.

Trophy says, “The new characters are not my cup of tea but I am still excited about the game. I was really amped up for the Nemesis but seeing him play he kind sucks. I slow big slow fighters. But Ghost Rider looks kinda fun! I will be getting this game 🙂 “

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Ultimate Marlvel VS Capcom 3 New Character SCREENSHOTS!

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is being developed for Playstation 3 and XBox 360 and will be available on 11/15/2011. Pre-orders are available now. For Gamestop, Bestbuy and if you pre-order this game you will receive exclusive map packs depending on which company you go with. Each has their own 4 character map pack.

Trophy says, “Marvel Vs Capcom is a fun game to play but paying for a new game and all it is is 12 new characters, a few new levels and new costumes… sounds more like a BIG DLC then a NEW GAME… looks good though some of the new characters I do wanna try out… maybe rent worthy…. What do you think?”

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Tax Return, Florida Vacation, Gamer Mode, Drag Race.

[personal] So I went and did my Income Taxes and I am happy for the most part on what I am getting back. I thought I was going to get more back because they took out like $2,000 in taxes from me this year… but I got only like 30% of that. I really don’t understand how they calculate the returns. But it is cool. It is way more then I got last year. I got my state part already which was $500. I spend like $200 the first day haha, and I cannot allow myself to spend no more. I am waiting for my Federal Part which is like $600. I am scared they are going to take it away since I am way behind on my school loans… but hopefully I get it. Besides a vacation, I wanna buy myself a new toy (gamer action figure) a pair of white sneakers (probably air forces) a new fitted (prob NY Yankee hat) and that is about it. OH I need to get more memory added to my laptop, bitch is slowing down.

Vacation mode is in full effect. Since I am getting some money back from my taxes, I decided to go on vacation and go back to Florida. I already bought my ticket there. I am going April 6th 🙂 I am excited I had fun last time, and I so miss the beaches out there. It is BEAUTIFUL. I got some cousins down there so I will be staying with them. My girl Jessica G is coming down with me, so that is going to be fun. She is only going to stay a week while I am going to stay for like a month or 2 or maybe move down to FL for good. It is a thought in my head we shall see. [/personal]

[gamer mode] So as yall know I LOVE VIDEO GAMES. It allows you to LIVE a TRUE ADVENTURE. (haha I know I am a dork for saying that). So I beat and loved Dead Space 2. Those monsters are so much fun to destroy and STOMP INTO PIECES! I love the horror scaryness. There is great choice of weapons to choice from. I love how you have power like abilities: Stasis (kinda like a slow down freeze) and Telekinesis. SO MUCH FUN. The variety of enemies is great, and I love show different enemies must be killed certain ways. I loved it, I give it a 9. The multiplayer is fun always but I was upset when EA made it that you need an online code to play it. It such a sneak greedy move from the game developers. SMH. But I definitively recommend this game to al who love scary horror games, shooter games, and action games. PLAY IT!


Now I am playing Marvel vs Capcom 3. I am not too in love with the game. I don’t think it is fully polished and they could have did more to do. It is so not worth $60, I am glad I only rented it from Gamefly. But it is fun to play. There is a lot of great characters with great powers and special moves. Then with 3 vs 3 the battles are EPIC. So much fun. I am working on some achievements and hopefully it grows on me. [/gamer mode]

[tv show=”Ru Pauls Drag Race”] I love Ru Paul’s Drag Race! These bitches are so funny. Prob my favorite gay show of all time. So watch it on Logo Tv! So far I am loving the new girls. Some are starting to talk a lot of shit so they are loosing cool points… I don’t like people who talk junk about others. I think Stacey is doing a real good job so far and I don’t know why everyone is hating on her. Delta needs to shut up already hating on people. I was so sad that Mariah left she was one of my favs and she was so funny on her interviews. I think Raja should have won the challenge though, she was the main one who had the most energy. I love Carmen, I just prefer her with cloths on. I think her looks is better with her cloths then being naked. Naked is boring to me. I am glad her and my other latins are still in it, Yara and Alexis! I didn’t get to see the Untuck yet! My damn dvr did record it, I was so mad! Gonna see it later today. Anyone else watch it? What yall think so far? [/tv]

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X-Men: First Class – Official Movie Trailer!

Trophy says
, “YES! I cannot wait. I didn’t “even know they were going to make a new one! I LOVE ANYTHING X MEN related!

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X-Men: Destiny Video Trailer!

The only real details about the X-Men: Destiny gaming experience came from this statement from MarvelThe all-new original video game casts players as new mutant recruits in a rich, branching storyline that features a deep element of choice and gives players ultimate control of their destiny.”

X-Men: Destiny will be in store at the end of next year for the Holiday 2011 shopping season and is being developed for the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 platforms.

We did see for sure Wolverine, Cyclops, Night Crawler and Storm. Possible others Pyro, Beast, Jean Grey and maybe Jubilee. Did you make out any others?

Trophy says, “Now I love anything X-Men related and I love any video game when the person fights with powers, so I am a little excited for this. Now 100% based on the trailer but I most likely will be getting this game. I really hope they step their game up, all I want is a Black Ops, Bioshock type of X-Men game… WOULD BE EPIC!”

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