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Well the past few weeks I been mostly at home. Dilly dally mode in full effect; my life is so monotonous. Since I do not have a car I do not really go any where any more. Since I am saving what few dollars I get to get a new car, I don’t have money to go any where. It sucks. And I am not saving as much as I thought I would be now. Its been 2 months since I had my car totaled and I only saved on $1100.

What is worst in two months I will not have Unemployment any more so I need a car before then so I can find a decent job. I don’t know what to do. I am getting worried… but… nada I can do.Looking for a JOB is hard. I cannot plan ahead since I do not have a vehicle and most decent jobs our out of my town. Blahness in full effect to the bloody 5th power.

That last two weekend I had some fun though. Last weekend I went out with my black sistah souljahs, haha. Mostly they are my ex co workers from Cablevision. We pre gamed in the car a little and by the time we got to the first club Twisted Trophy was Popping! We went to club Karma, and it was whack. There was like eight people there so we wanted to leave and get our money back. The broke ass club owners didn’t wanna give us nothing. So Ms Gee dont play that and went all “oh no you didn’t” black girl on him. haha it was so funny. She got her money back! I just left, they can keep my ten dollars.

Then we went to club Vandome (which we should have just went to in the first place) and it was better. There is always mad people. We got more drinks and OMG I was drunk. We had mad fun. We all sweated our weaves out. I was so tipsy I was taking mad pictures of people I didn’t even know! It was a fun night! I spent like $50 I shouldn’t have spent, but it was fun!

Last weekend my sister calls me like “you wanna go see Pitbull” I wasn’t too excited about it but she said the tickets were free so I was like “OK!”Of course running with my sister we was rolling mad late. We was drinking Ciroc and Pineapple juice! It started ay 8 and we got there at like 9 and then the girls take like twenty minutes to get the damn car! and then take another ten minutes in the bathroom! So we only got to see the last twenty minutes of the concert. But it was fun! It was all his best songs at the end. Afterwards we went gambling on the slot machines. The clubs were jamming music, so I was gambling and jamming in my seat! After $30 I left with a damn ticket worth 18 cents! haha, but it was fun none the less.

Other then that I been playing my xbox 360. I need more games to come out but between September and November mad new games will be coming out and I will be rocking my gamefly hard! I started writing a fiction story. Chapter 4 page 45 so far, GO TROPHY! Hopefully I stick to this one and write one and complete it.

Still no cuddle buddy… blah.

And Yea! 🙂

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