Call of Duty: GHOSTS! 11/05/13.

The beautiful minds at Activision have announced the next game in their franchise to be: COD: Ghosts. The new First Person Shooter will be ready on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 5, 2013 and on “next-generation platforms” on an unspecified date.

Activision will debut the next-gen version of Call of Duty: Ghosts – and revealing its new engine to the world – during Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox ‘Next Generation’ event on May 21.

See Teaser Trailer below:

Trophy says, “Anything Call of Duty I learned is FUN FUN FUN, so of course I will be getting this game as I am sure millions of people will be. I kind of wish Activision will take a COD game and turn in more fiction. Imagine some type of XMEN power fighting Mutliplayer mode like in COD… would be epic! One day…

Who else is ready for Ghosts?”

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Gamer News: Bioshock Infinite VGA Trailer!

BioShock Infinite — a first-person shooter for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC — is currently in development at Irrational Games, the studio behind the original BioShock (which sold over 4 million units worldwide). Set in 1912, BioShock Infinite introduces an entirely new narrative and gameplay experience that lifts players out of the familiar confines of Rapture and rockets them to Columbia, an immense city in the sky. BioShock Infinite is currently planned for release during calendar 2012.

Trophy says, “I cannot wait for this game. I hope it is as good as Bioshock and Bioshock 2. I really hope they dont stop making them either!”

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Gamer News: New Guns, Weapons, Level Ups in MODERN WARFARE 3!

COD Modern Warfare 3 will be released November 8th, 2011.

Trophy says, “Hell yes! Guns and new explosives look cool. Game play looks cool. Everything is great. The level up with the weapons I hope is cool. I usually only play with one so it might be cool.”

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