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[personal mood=”quixotic”] Hey boys and girls… It is I… Trophy… and yea. So… same o shit with me like always yall already know my life never really changes. Monotonous in full effect. One good thing, I finally found a job. I work for Prime Resource ( ). I am a customer service rep via phone and email. I like the job better then my last job, Cablevision. Only thing… this place is a little bit less structure so it is going to take a little while to get use to that. I am a temp and hoping they make me a perm. employee real soon, it doesn’t feel too secure being a temp in there. They started me at $15 an hour since I had years experience. it is a fast pace type of job and it gets real crazy in there. I being manage very well so far I think. I just hope I don’t mess up. Wish me luck guys! The best thing about it, is that the job location is right down the street from my house. I walk there in 10 minutes. So I love that since I lost my car in the summer to a damn drunk idiot driver. Hopefully I save some coins up real soon and get me a new car because I so need one in my life.

Other then working I been coming and and relaxing. I still be playing Xbox 360 and watching movies all day. If I had a car I would attempt to be more out going. But with no car it kinda sucks. Hopefully with this new job I will get some things in my life in order. My goal is new laptop (which I got two weeks ago), new Xbox 360, new cell phone, new car, and Vegas trip for my 30th BDay this year. After that… pay some school loans and old CC bills. Hopefully I can get some of that on the ball and handle what I need to handle.

Been pretty chill past two months. Haven’t been going out that much. Having been doing anything really entertaining or fun. Waiting on the vehicle situation to be fixed so I can try and do more I guess. Still NO CUDDLE BUDDY. Smh to the 5th power. I so need to do a Cuddle Buddy Search and do a mass interview of like 500 guys and pick the best one… or ten… hahaha no…. just FIVE lol…………….. ONE! All I ever wanted was JUST ONE. But CT area sucks in the LOVE department. So again… car… and find me a chulo cuddle buddy from the BX. (if ya know someone.. HOOK ME UP!) [/personal]

[hobby type=”writing” story=”Angen: The Awakening”] I have not been writing fiction since I started working. Wish I hate because I miss writing and it was a new hobby I wanted to really get into. I written already like 200 pages of the Angen: The Awakening story already. I want to be finished by the summer but doesn’t look like that is going to happen. So I need to finish before this year is over. I need to schedule time to write and get my thoughts on paper. I hope I can do it. I think my ideas and the story line would be a success. Just gotta get it out my head and down in a completed work of literature. I have so many more other book ideas. I gotta get to it. [/hobby]

[television show=”Ru Pauls Drag Race” season=”4″] My excitedness for this show has faded as the seasons went on. No this year is a OBVIOUS STAR like we had in past seasons. I didn’t fall in love with no one… well except Jiggly. She ended up being my favorite of the show. Not just cuz of her drag but I like that she is her self and stays true to her self no matter what. I so didn’t like when the other queens were talking junk and being shady towards her. That’s what through me off from Phi Phi. I stop liking her after she played Jiggly.

At this point I don’t even have anyone to cheer for. I did like Latrice, but I didn’t love her style of drag. I hated how her face was always 100 shades lighter then her body. Sharon I like but I only like her spooky look and her spooky look isn’t 100% polished. Chad Michaels is 100% polished but her Drag Looks isn’t new or fresh or even like Exciting… and Phi Phi I like but her attitude sucks. She is shady, talks a lot of shit. I hate how she always acts how everything she does is so damn great. She reminds me of Raven… she has that bitter miserableness that raven had. So I dont know about this Season… I’ll keep watching of course.

EXITED FOR ALL STAR DRAG RACE! I need JUJU, Nina Flowers, Tati, Ongina, Jiggly, Yara Sofia, Manilia, Mariah, Delta, Phi Phi, Sharon, and some others. I hope they pick a lot of the Queens I liked! [/television]

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IAMTROPHY, Jury Duty, Job Interview, Angen, VDay, Drag Race!

[personal mood=”quixotic”] It has been a while since I updated this blog with a personal blog, but don’t worry children of the corn I AM HERE! I don’t remember my last bog so let me cover the basic of the past. My BDay was kinda blah, no BDay cuddle date either. I did get TGIFridays so I was at least happy about that. But having a 29th BDay with no job or money because uneventful. (total epic whomp). Xmas was nice, I was kind of broke but I still managed to get ALL MY KIDDIES good XMas gifts. Best Tio mode in full effect. New Years was ok.

Fast Forward to this recent present, I had Jury Duty today! Now I don’t know why people get so mad about it, I actually think it is cool to sit in on a case just as long as it is not a LONG case more then a day, haha. It was boring though, I didn’t get picked. It was hot ass hell in the that room surrounded by weird homosapiens… and by 12:00pm they send us all home. I so wanted to say, “Your Honor, we the jury find the defendant GUILTY of all charges!”

As we all know, I am BROKE to the 5th Power! I do have a Job Interview tomorrow. I so hope I get it. I need some checks coming in so I can buy a new car and get my life together. I am nervous though because I get real shy and stuttery during interviews. I hope I can get through it and I hope I land the spot. Its a decent job that’s real close to home so it will be perfect for me. Wish Me Luck!

I am still working on my first book, Angen:The Awakening. I feel like I am about %65 done with the story so far. It is actually pretty good. I am surprised how good I am at it. I should have been starting writing fiction stories. My goal is to finish writing it and then editing it by the summer. Then send it out to get published and hopefully make a career out of it. Writing is something that I can do on the side and on top of working a 9 to 5. So would be cool to get into. [/personal]

[valentinesday objective=”find cuddle buddy”] So my Favorite Holiday in the world is coming up very soon, Valentines Day! I am waiting for Cupid to come and shoot me in the ass, but I don’t think he likes me. Now I am excited but I do not have any possibility of anything for a VDay Date. Even though I might just stay in and no do anything I still love Valentines Day. I love the thought of everyone being more special and more thoughtful of a person they “love”. Even if its a day out of the year, its still nice. I always am very hoping I will pop up with a VDay Cuddle Date right up until 11:59pm that day, I know I am a Sap. Aint nada wrong with a late night VDay Cuddle last minute HUG to make the day worth while. *big smiles* [/valentinesday]

[television show=”Ru Pauls Drag Race” episode=”RuPocalypse”] My favorite show is FINALLY back, Ru Paul’s Drag Race! I love this show so much. It has EVERYTHING you want and need from a successful and entertaining television show. I love the new cast of girls. I do not see any boogers really so far. I love the zombie challenge. I love how the old queens were zombies that was cute. The outfits made were very nice. I liked PhiPhi and The Princess outfits the best. This year the girls are way more feisty then ever. The library is OPEN! I was sad to see Alisa leave, she was my favorite! I thought Dita Ritz should have been in the bottom two. The Lip Sync was epic, Jiggly shut it down. That Death Drop Split was the hottest move is Drag Race history! I wish Alisa would have took her heels off and put more energy into it. Jiggly had on flats which I think helped her win. I cannot wait for the nest episode and the Snatch Game! Everyeone watch this fun filled family show on Monday at 9 on LogoTV! [/television]

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Happy Halloween, Club Night, Job Search, Angen Writer Mode, Oh Yea Yea Yea!

Ok so this weekend is Halloween Weekend. I LOVE Halloween but I hate that I don’t have enough money to buy the type of costume I really want. I HATE those cheap ass costumes from Target or Walmart or those whack ass Halloween stores… smh. So I didn’t get dressed like nothing. I always wanted to be something Star Wars though… one yea I will be… and I have will a LIGHT SABER and Bitch the FORCE WILL BE STRONG IN ME!

My friends were mad because I canceled on them Saturday night to go clubbing. I didn’t have a costume and I didn’t get a haircut so I was like BOOP. But the next day, Sunday, they were making plans to go out again and I felt bad so I was like fuck it I will go. I look so busted. No hair cut didn’t shave, I looked like a homo busted white boy country tree cutter lol. My friends, one was a leopard cat lady (ya know the same shit every girl is on Halloween, ooohh #shade) and the other was a Battered Blue Butterfly, haha (inside joke)

The club was fun though. It was a crazy mixed crowd. Japan was hard in the club… they even did the CONGA line. I never in my life saw a Japanese conga line… I saw it last night. There were some ok costumes. Mostly only girls dress up and mostly girls treat Halloween as their night to TRY and be some kinda sexy sluts… #epicfail But at least they dressed up. My homegirls were the flyest bitches there! And that bootleg Rihana and Beyonce bitches was WHACK ASS HELL! (lol insider). I was tipsy (maybe overly) on my Blue Long Island Ice Teas! The bartender downstairs made that shit weak ass hell and my girl Jessica was like “Look a gay bartender upstairs, go get a drink from him he will make it stronger for you because you are gay” and SHE WAS RIGHT! But he charged my $2 more so… blahness, haha. And someone needs to tell heterosexual black people… when they are playing Jamaican music it is not an excuse to have sex with your cloths on on the dance floor…. people have no damn morals I swear. “heeda heeda heeda heeda heeda heeda heeda heeda”

| more pics |

So then we leave the club early… my girls are getting old… But Karisa gonna make me do something I never in my life wanted to do! She drops me off at my house… and… She made me SNAP HER COOTIE BACK! Haha, well… she had on a black leotard that snaps in the NO NO area and while she was trying the two little buttons popped, so I am in the Middle of the East Side, in the Middle of the Night in the Middle of the damn Street on my knees between her legs SNAPPING HER DAMN COOTIE BACK TOGETHER. That shit was too funny…lol. So then me being a Fat ass had a Boomer Mode attack and then me and Jessica went to the diner for some grub. Good ol New Colony Diner… french fries cheese and gravy 🙂 *burps, waits for the zombie horde*

Other than that… so my UNEMPLOYMENT is over… and I am looking for a job. I was trying to get into RBS but the class was filled up in October so I was hit.. There was suppose to be a class in November but now it was changed until January. SO this sucks. Two months no job, no unemployment checks… WHAT IS AM ADORABLE SUPPLE BOY TO DO! *shruggs shoulders* I wish I could do something while I wait for that one but I don’t know what to do… I suck at looking for jobs… I am gonna start strolling down Kossuth Street at night… Condoms Check, Breath Mint Check, Flare Gun Check, uh… not Raptr Forum Signature really… well maybe… NO… we shall see. 🙂

Besides all that mess… I been playing XBOX 360 GAYMER MODE IN FULL EFFECT! I done broke though 49,000 Achievements Points! “GO TROPHY!” Bee playing Gears of War 3 ( GOOD GAME! *pulls out lancer* ) Rage ( GREAT GAME, LOVED IT *throws wingstick at your momma’s face!) Dead Island (fucking blah ass game. its like a Dead Rising but on a damn island with more players…didn’t like it) Batman Arkham City (hate this game… it pissed me off so much omg… blah. *plays as Catwoman* oh wait I couldn’t because you needed to buy a damn online code to play her if you didn’t buy the game…fucking bullshit)

My new Hobby is trying to be a Fiction Writer. My first story I am working on is called Angen and the first book is called Angen: The Awakening. So far I like writing a lot. I think I am creative so the ideas and story line comes so dam easy to me. I done planned out like 4 book series with mad characters and plots and twists. Only problem is getting it on paper. I started writing in September and already I got 210 pages written so I am half way there! “GO TROPHY” I am hoping to be done by January and then take two months of editing it and adding me detail description and making sure everything flows right and opens up stuff for the next book. Once all done I will try and send it out and get it published. It will be my dream job which will be a job where I DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH NO PEOPLE! *crosses fingers*

Ok I have to go now. Love me now, and Love me later 🙂 Trophy Out.

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