Creative – I Say

Things I say…

I wish humans were greedy with their stupidity!!! Like there is no need to share YOU CAN KEEP IT ALL!

Fade to black!

You don’t know my life.


Get your life together.

I am… Orlando Soto Jr, First in his name, Bringer of The Force and Destroyer of Necromorphs!

Your stupid is showing.

Upgrade Your Humanity.

Arrogant Ignorance is a real evil.

*gets hard*

Boomer mode in full effect.

I don’t get why Straight dudes HATE Gay dudes. The more homos out there THE MORE PUSSY LEFT OVER YOU YALL!

Some of the best conversations you can have IS WITH YOUR SELF.

When you argue with a STUPID PERSON you commit Suicide to Your Own Intelligence Level.

Don’t claim Celebrity when you can’t even reach for the stars!

I am NOT a Flirt, I’m just verbally Affectionate. *winks*

My words are GOLD, Bitch I AM TROPHY.

You say No Strings Attached, There is always a string attached, and if there isn’t, IT AINT WORTH SHIT!

No point in kicking someone down lower then six feet.

I hate when people keep trying to come back. You are in the past, STAY IN THE PAST. You try to make your self present I will mark your ass ABSENT!

Don’t like me on my best day, love me on my worst day.

A hug from Trophy saves lives!

They come back around because they recognize TROPHY!

Homos let’s start a new trend. Not being a hoe is cool. Pass it along!

… on the search for a cuddle buddy, where the hell can I find one? I’m gonna go on ebay becuase walmart ran out WHAT THE BLOOD!

All homos end up being the same fuckin bullshit. No mater who it is, they all turn out to be just like the fuckin rest.

Am I a dork because I LOVE to hug / cuddle / snuggle / spoon / hold?

I aint mean, I’m a sarcastic asshole. *angel face*

I dont wanna cuddle with a hoe. Bacteria.

If money talks and bullshit walks, then why you still standing here nigga! GO THAT WAY —–>

Niggas retrospect my architect and fall down with regret. Tuff aint it.

Niggas always try to come back. My Trophy aint recyclable! Maintain your motion.

Sweat me. Everybody else is doing it.

I aint conceited. I just suffer from extreme high self esteem.

Been the same since birth. Never no need to change. I GOT IT RIGHT THE FIRST THE AROUND. Format Correctly Bitches

One Response to “Creative – I Say”

  1. Justin says:

    Aha . I love this. Mainly the gay comments lol. So true.

    .. We suck. Let’s go straight?

    .. Hm, nevermind….. Lol.


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