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Erase The Trace.
Erase the trace and fold the mold glow that does not shine my true brightness.
Memory of other false hearts smothers me down, leaving false lightness.
Gifts to lift your joy boil to a spoil and the remains stain strong efforts built high
Retrospect the regret in your back step leaves my heart with a shining sigh
Erase the trace that shadows my strength and the lengths I climb to have love now
Proud of how loud heart of love sings the work I tried makes green Cupid bow
Erase the trace for it is a false place I do not willfully wallow in hollow holey hearts
Once spoken true to be a broken shoe I slow my pace for love’s race I must restart
Pick a new rose to grow, shine my heart bright but its light does not give any rise
Attempts to hold hearts with curves and new angles I mangle the soon fall I despise
The failed bond leaves trails of pale faces but my eyes gleam as my heart screams
Love echoes are not heard, blurred sights not bright the horizon is a distant dream
Drip the tip of past pain that stains my smile all the while I move along love’s road.
Burn from turns along my journey, confusion from illusions my heart ticks to explode.
Erase the trace with haste that is pasted and wasted around my soft soul’s edges.
It brought thoughts of the past that needs not to last, must trim them down like hedges
Do not focus on the hints of sorrow I borrow for they fade when tomorrow is here
My darkened lining does not bind me and the timing for heart of love is near
Erase the trace from my face laced with facial expressions from lessons learned
Ready I am for what is bright and I shall fight until being in love is my turn

May 04th, 2011.

Copy written so DONT COPY ME!

Architect Is Checked.
Architect is bold bright, but I’m loosing the fight when lights go grey
Effort builds cities of sorrow I borrow a false grin till tomorrow’s day
Foundation of heart of love was built to tilt the world and all around
Laid pipes of love for your smiles until the bricks begin to fall down
Architect molds old as it folds over and I beg for a bold clover field
Nails of effort shoot down around like broken arrows, I hide under shield
Cracks are not lacked and they roar the soars of more pain in heart
Blueprints revised, as your gestures despise my walls that fall apart
Architect is checked for rust that falls like dust must trust some proof
What I built to reflect love, your shack of soft sticks shines a spoof
Immense flicker so dense the ticker on the blunt hunt for a conclusion
I must find the kicker to bring forth fast to blast the wall of ill illusion
You shatter the batter to destroy the matter with no grasp in your grip
My love is a symphony but the sound you found was my dieing drip
Architect is checked and wrecked; still I search for a feeling of worth
Hear a poof from the roof and all falls, what heart of love will I unearth
You built no guilt in your tilt and there is no awry in your high sigh
I strike the last blow, and so slow I watch my masterpiece of love die
Architect is checked and now a memory of love you did not weigh
Hope for a true grin on tomorrow’s day as I gather new sticks to lay

Copy Written January 21st, 2011.

A whimper escapes from fate, the journey is now frozen
Solid hope is paused, Heart of soft love is not chosen
Thought process is reversed, I curse the worst for it’s in front
Forced to a fray, battle of love thoughts, my heart grunts
Whimper now the bright sound I found as red hope will disperse
Scold the told reasons of treason my endless road has a curse
Wet whimpers climb, its height is a crime, heart of love resigns
Chain the main gain love will bring, creative thoughts cross lines
Attack the surrender, love is not the defender and I lose my place
Stern search for silver light, no bright detours so I slow my pace
Whimper screams loud and mean against tuff truth that now leans
No success leaves a mess, forward to future just dark black scenes
Nothing could prepare the fear my heart was bold, appalled I fall
Cannot raise away the haze, my still soul deciphers heart’s fallen ball
Strong strength needed to crack the trigger of love’s fallen vigor
Back steps I lack, sink in dirt for whimper echoes become the digger
Small smiles might aid the fade but in heart no weight grows
Wallow in whimpers, breath now molds for true love is old
Fallen foot finds no direction with no inspection, love is afraid
Rose life is checked, wrecked wishes wither, a new death is made

copy written 08-05-2010

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  1. Ray says:

    amazing poem! i love it man

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