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About the homosapien behind the dot com.

So, here I am again with a new website / web blog. I am, Orlando Soto Jr. also known as Trophy or I AM TROPHY. (Don’t forget the So Damn Cocky *pops collar* ). Pretty much I am a cool, goofy, sarcastic asshole, affectionate silly homosapien of America. I am cool and cocky but I am so not conceited. *angel face* I am very shy and then again I am an annoying mouth breather. I am affectionate and then again I been called a prude. *whomp* I like to think of myself as a human oxymoron, or maybe I am just bipolar? I enjoy being creative and hence the reason why I created and developed this site. Knocks out two things I like, talking and being creative. Two birds one stone huh? #score I just live my day to day very simple and kinda monotonously. Plots to take over the dark middle earth is put on pause till I find my cuddle buddy / future sidekick. Every super hero needs a sidekick now, but a sidekick with cuddle benefits… even better! (His powers better not be cooler then mines). Again two birds one stone. *winks*

Short Background:
Born and raised in Bridgeport, CT. A great and wonder place to raise a family, (don’t let the recent and historic very high murder / crime rate cloud your thoughts, haha). Been here all my life mostly and I do have to say I really like living here. Only other place I would live is probably NY, The Big Apple. I am the middle child of two siblings, raided my by Mommy. Childhood to others might seem a little big crazy and not “american dream” but I aint too mad at it and I think I turned out great. I remember fun times with my goya familia, some bad memories but the goods ones over shadow the bad ones I guess.

I was always pretty good at school when my bad attitude and behavior did not get in the way. I was always in trouble but also on the Honor Roll. Most bad 1st – 6th grade, a class clown and trash talker. Junior high I calmed down and was better at being on the Honor Roll. High school I was back and forth. I attended Warren G Harding Health Magnet which at the time was a good school even though it was on academic probation my senior year. But I graduated and moved on to College. I went to Southern CT State University, GO OWLS! I started as Pre-Med but I changed to Visual Communications (worst mistake I ever made in my life). I was there for 5 years, I didn’t really like college too much. Waste of money on so many stupid classes and the classes I did love, doesn’t really help me any in the “real world” I did graduate with a Bachelors Degree which I do recognize as a great life achievement, just sucks I cannot find that stupid degree certificate paper no where, haha.

Been working since I was 15. I worked at The Discovery Museum when I was 15 for the summer and worked for Subway for 3 years as a Sandwich artist. In college I had two jobs. I worked as a Desk Receptionist in one of the dorm halls I lived at, and I worked in a few Computer Labs on campus. After college the only job I could really find was Cable Vision. I was a Costumer Service Representative for a little over 2 years until I was thankfully fired, haha. I kinda did freelance web design in between jobs since I was about 21. I made several sites for different people. After that worked for a Imprint company in Bridgeport, Prime Resources. It was…aiight… I left quick because if not I would have assumed my ultimate form and melee some humans in their necks… 🙂

Working in Logistics now a small but cool company in Shelton, CT. No more Customer Service for me, at least I hope not. I shall pray to the Old Gods and the New! I do a lot of shipping and receiving from Mexico and Overseas to warehouses in USA and Canada. I also do a lot of inventory stuff. It is cool, I am not saving the world but… well I am saving the world in the way I am preventing it from being taken over by the evil Mold, Fungus and Algae! My Acticide brings all the boys to the yard. (all this was a total inside work thing).

Blah, that is the first word I think of. Not so good in this area. I blame it on something, I don’t know what yet. Had a new short lived relationships. They always go awry, and it is 98% not my fault. So at least i know I tried my best and was the good guy. If you do not believe me ask my exes, 90% of them always try to come back, but Homo Rule #3 states “Do not recycle, if they are an ex, they are an ex for a reason, KEEP IT THAT WAY!” So now and for the past few years I been single. I am looking for that great cuddle buddy who can help me live out my cuddle day dreams. *smiles* If ya know of any good ones out there, HOOK ME UP!

I been saying for a while now… I am waiting for the Aliens to come to Earth so I could finally have some better options. If not… I will be an old single man who looks like Santa Clause and I will have 12 cats. I might even name them after the reindeer! I will be content with that future…. y’all know I DO NOT DEAL WITH THE COMMONER BS IN A RELATIONSHIP.

I like playing video games. Shooting zombies is so much fun. I play a lot of XBox 360 games, my gamer tag is I AM TROPHY, for PS3 my gamer tag is IAMTROPHY. Hit me up and let’s play!
I like to be creative like I said before. From web design, graphics to poetry and fiction writing. Visit my site to see some of my work.
I love to day dream of future cuddle sessions. Yes I am a dork but I like to imagine how my next cuddle will be.
I love going to the movies. Only way I can I can be adventurous is through the eyes of the cinema.

Add day dreaming of being abducted by Aliens, developing super powers, finding a hidden cave with a portal to another world, being in the middle of a zombie apocalypse… all that fun stuff.

I need more creative writing hobbies… I need to NOT be so lazy.

This and this is that and that. Whomp. I am tired of typing so I will leave it as is for now.

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