Trophy – Network

Trophy’s list of websites.

Site: http://www.iamtrophy.com
Description: IAmTrophy.com is the newest personal web blog of Orlando Soto Jr. Also adding web blogs entries based on media, such as movies, music, games, videos, etc.

Site: http://www.daricanboi.com
Description: DaRicanBoi.com is / was a personal website / web blog for the dazzling Orlando Soto Jr.

Site: http://www.orlandosotojr.com
Description: OrlandoSotoJr.com is a creative portfolio that gathers all creative aspects from Orlando Soto Jr. From poems and short stories, to graphics web design and even a few illustrations.

Site: http://www.sodamncocky.com
Description: SoDamnCocky.com is an image portfolio for me, Orlando Soto Jr. Just a collection of pictures I took from digital to cell phone pics, etc. So if ya like looking at me, this is the website for you, haha.

Site: http://www.urbangaymer.com/
Description: UrbanGaymer.com is a web forum community site that brings together gay gamers to discuss gaming topics and play online together.

Site: http://www.myspace.com/orlandosotojr
Description: My web page on myspace.com.

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