Projects – Homo. Rules

Rules for the HOMOsapien.

1. Do Not Date In A Circle.
Don’t date friends of friends or don’t date your exes’ exes.
When you date in a circle, a bitch gets dizzy and you will always fall down.

2. Do Not Homo Recycle.
Do not re-date your exes. An ex is an ex for a reason, keep it that way.
It is not going to help save the environment or you.

3. Do Not Go Back In The Closet.
You cannot have a real relationship in the closet.
It never works trying to figure someone out who hasn’t figured himself out yet.

4. Do Not Cross Enemy Lines.
If he is straight, let him be straight. Do not try to convert others.
You will either get punched in the face or used as an experiment, and no one wants to be a blacked-eyed gienie pig.

5. Do Not Get Drunk At Gay Clubs.
Never allow your self to impair your judgment when surrounded by too much Homo. possibility.
When you are drunk in the matrix, you will follow that white rabbit to its hole.

2 Responses to “Projects – Homo. Rules”

  1. Travis ATL says:

    You’re wise beyond your years to be offering such definite truths about dating man.

  2. trophy says:

    haha. I love that comment ^ 🙂

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