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Introduction: is a site for Orlando Soto Jr.’s to blog about whatever. I will be blogging about every and anything from life to relationships, games, movies, music, television show and or things that are not even important. I gonna express my self and give my opinion just because I can… It is MY site.

I will try to update as much as I can or when I can. I will probably update my blog entries on my and pages. So look out.

Domain Name:
I got the domain name, IAMTROPHY, pretty much from my XBox 360 Gamer Tag. I choose that name on xbox 360 live because I wanted a name that meant “best player” or “winner player” type of thing. So, thought of Trophy, since you get one when you win and put I AM, and BAM! I AM TROPHY. Pretty much use it for all my user names now.

Created by Orlando Soto Jr. I did most of the coding and graphics. I used PhotoShop CS for most of the graphics. Special thanks to the blog program I am using which is Word Press and thanks to the theme I used but changed over.
The site is hosted at
Domain, is registered at


Version 1 was launched September 2010.

The views, opinions and words expressed on this website are those of Orlando Soto Jr. solely. Most of the time they are not to negatively effect anyone or any group. Please do not take offense and if need be I can be contacted if further discussion to clarify any confusion is needed. My insights do not reflect the views of my employer, university, or any other organization I am affiliated with.
Information and all Creativity found on was created by Orlando Soto Jr. unless stated otherwise where credit for the creator would have been given. If someone feels that they do not want their content on my website, please contact me and whatever the item is on my website will be removed or reasonable credit will be given on the site. You may not take anything from this site without my permission. That includes, but is not limited to: codes, blog entries, graphics, styles, sayings, poems, images etc.

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