True Blood Season 3 Finale.

True Blood Season Finale

So Sunday night was the True Blood Season 3 Finale! First of all I was upset it was only an hour, it should have been two hours long. Of course like always I wanted to see more. I didn’t like the way it ended, then again it doesn’t never end, it always leads up to the next episode. Only this time we gotta probably wait till next year, total whomp.

About the show: Was sup with Godrick showing up like some angel ghost? That was kinda weird and gay. Since when Vampires come back after true death and help people as a ghost? Eric didn’t even listen to him. Kind of glad the Gay King (QUEEN! haha) is gone. It was a little mean that they buried him, but watch he probably comes out later on sometime since they didn’t really kill him. I was mad Pam killed that wolf man, he was CUTE! Bill is so suspect!!! I don’t know what the hell is going on with him. I really do think he ended up falling in love with her even though he was suppose to catch her for the other Queen. Do you think Sookie should trust Bill after everything? Sucks we didn’t get to see that fight. Bill vs The Queen, that would have been some mortal kombat action right there. If Bill is smart I hope he boobie trapped his house since she is older and stronger.

I am happy for Jessica and Hoyt. They were real cute in the new house together. Jessica is like the nicest Vampire yet (besides the old gay dude Jason’s Ex Killed). But was sup with that baby doll on the floor the camera focused in on? Some black magic or something in that house maybe? And Hoyt’s mother bought a gun? Jessica better watch out, that lady crazy. Lafayette and his new boo needs to calm down. He is a witch? *shakes head* I would hate to live in their town, every one is some kind of crazy.

Jason gotta take care of a bunch of no teeth hill billies. God Help Them, haha. I was kinda excited he was with a shape shifter. She can turn into a panther, she would blow Sam out the water. Did Sam really kill his little brother, little brother who “CANT READ” Is it sad I started laughing at that part, haha? I hope he didn’t shot him. Poor poor oh so poor Tara. This bitch needs to be roommates with La La’s mother. She about to blow the post office up or something. I hope she gets better, I think she going to disappear for a while. And where did Sookie go? she probably went to Never Never Land, haha.

They said the new one will have new super naturals, so the question which ones do you think will be coming out in the season four shows? They said Witches, and I hope we get some good super naturals to balance out the bad ones. Maybe mermaids or something. We will just have to wait I guess.

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3 Responses to “True Blood Season 3 Finale.”

  1. Meli says:

    I’m pretty sure sir King of Mississippi will be back, just as soon as he figures a way to get out of the cement. We’ve not seen the last of him! But I agree, the finale was good but it didn’t seem like a FINALE, just another episode. MOAR TRUE BLOOD!!!

  2. Yea I am sure the King (Queen, haha) is gonna come out, deff if he has any other Vampires that he made… or maybe his wolf pack will find him, or Maybe Bill will take him out to kill off the Queen, and Eric… who knows.

  3. As much as I love Trueblood, I say like obsessed is a much more honest word, the TV show has got more disappointing season after season, it’s good on it’s on merit but for someone who loves the books they’re changing things too much, Stop it! we don’t like change 🙂

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