Check out Freddy Krueger’s Mortal Kombat Babality!

Trophy says, “I aint feeling this Freddy Krueger that much. Mortal Kombat could have did so much more with him. The Babality is cute though.”

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4 Responses to “Check out Freddy Krueger’s Mortal Kombat Babality!”

  1. Tamara says:

    I’ve never even seen or heard of a character called a Babality. But it is an interesting twist!

    • trophy says:

      haha. in MORTAL KOMBAT at the end you can do a FATALITY wich means YOU KILL THEM and each character has their own special ways of killing the loser…

      then they can ALSO do a BABALITY which means they turn the loser INTO A BABY and each BABY has his own special actions…

      Animality – tuen into animal

      Friendship – does something nice instead of killing them..


  2. Gabi says:

    I remember playing Mortal Kombat ages ago…like, when I was five or six. This one cheap toy store my mom would take me and my brother to had an old-school arcade machine thing with it. I haven’t played since. Obviously, based on that clip, they’ve really improved the clips since then lol.

  3. Nancy says:

    I never played mortal kombat before! But I’ve heard too much of it and its epicness!

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