Mortal Kombat’s New Kombatant: FREDDY KRUEGER

It looks like Mr. Freddy Krueger is relocating Elm Street to the Realm of Outworld! That is right Mortal Kombat’s Newest Kombatant will be the Teenager Nightmare Killer himself, Freddy Krueger. He is coming strong with his own special moves, x-ray attack and fatalities. The DLC will be added to the marketplace on August 9th for download. It will cost you $5.00 or 400 Microsoft Points.

Trophy says, “I dunno… I am kinda mad about this. Freddy has nothing to do with Mortal Kombat. It is like a desperate attempt from the developers to get a larger audience excited about the game… EPIC FAIL! I was hoping for a new MK Character… If you are going to go outside the box.. at least have a group a horror movie characters to play with so it feels like a set not just ONE RANDOM character… I dunno… I have the pass so I will play with Freddy but.. still kinda whack. I wonder what his Babality will be like?”

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