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Yelle – A Cause Des Garcons

Trophy says, “I SO LOVE THIS! I need to learn how to dance like this! Its like techno meets vogue… I should be able to manage just fine… :) “

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New Music Video: Beyoncé – 1+1. Check out the video!

Trophy says, “So this Beyonce new video and song she got out. I do not like it. The song is poorly written not much creativity put into it. The video is dumb ass hell. She looks mad sexy but I dont get it… “

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BEYONCE’s Bazaar Magazine September Issues Photo Shoot!

Here we have the photo shoot of Beyonce MS SASHA FIERCE for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine over in the UK. Will be out on sale in two weeks, be on the look out for it! What do you think?

Trophy says, “I am not a fan of photo shots in a home setting that when the model is not doing anything extra… it is boring to me. I love the shot of her in the Red Dress and the shot of her when she is holding the camera up, (at first I thought she was holding an Uzi Gun, lol)”

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Rihanna gives an Old Man a Lap Dance on stage during her concert!

Rihanna is definitely moving towards the R Rated level for her performances. Kissing a girl, provocative cloths and moves, and now even giving old 300 pound men lap dances. During her Loud Concert Tour performance in Barbados she pulled the older white man on stage and began giving him a raunchy lap dance.

Trophy says, “I don’t know if I would have done that but I guess it is all good and fun… why not. I am sure he was singing after, “I’m so hard! I I I I’m so hard” (ha) I mean I wouldn’t mind getting a lap dance from her (no hetero).”

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Nicki Minaj’s Boob Pops Out on GOOD MORNING AMERICA! (pics and video!)

This morning while doing a performance on Good Morning America Nicki Minaj undergoes a wardrobe malfunction. One of her boobs slip out of her shirt flashing her nipples at everyone on NATIONAL TELEVISION.

Trophy says, “Wardrobe Malfunction haha. ust like when Janet Jackson did it but this was SO ON PURPOSE! Come on, when real people do not want to show their boobs, they wear cloths that fit, cloths that dont slip and there is always DOUBLE SIDED TAPE! Epic Fail… Her boob looks nice though, hah but you can tell so much that they are face. What do you think?”

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