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Playing COD MW3 – My Gaymer Skills! #GOTROPHY

Trophy says, “YAY! I am finally getting better at COD MODERN WARFARE 3. I guess finally getting use to most of the maps and getting my gun leveled up makes it a lot easier! It came to be that I am a “Stick and Move” shooter or can also be described as a “Mini Camper” Hey it works for me! Lets Play! XBOX 360 Gamer Tag – I AM TROPHY”

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Tio mode in full effect. Me and my kiddies.

Trophy says, “First video is with my nephew Nathan and the second is with my Nephew Aiden. You can see my niece Janyah also. 🙂 Tio mode time.”

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Happy Halloween, Club Night, Job Search, Angen Writer Mode, Oh Yea Yea Yea!

Ok so this weekend is Halloween Weekend. I LOVE Halloween but I hate that I don’t have enough money to buy the type of costume I really want. I HATE those cheap ass costumes from Target or Walmart or those whack ass Halloween stores… smh. So I didn’t get dressed like nothing. I always wanted to be something Star Wars though… one yea I will be… and I have will a LIGHT SABER and Bitch the FORCE WILL BE STRONG IN ME!

My friends were mad because I canceled on them Saturday night to go clubbing. I didn’t have a costume and I didn’t get a haircut so I was like BOOP. But the next day, Sunday, they were making plans to go out again and I felt bad so I was like fuck it I will go. I look so busted. No hair cut didn’t shave, I looked like a homo busted white boy country tree cutter lol. My friends, one was a leopard cat lady (ya know the same shit every girl is on Halloween, ooohh #shade) and the other was a Battered Blue Butterfly, haha (inside joke)

The club was fun though. It was a crazy mixed crowd. Japan was hard in the club… they even did the CONGA line. I never in my life saw a Japanese conga line… I saw it last night. There were some ok costumes. Mostly only girls dress up and mostly girls treat Halloween as their night to TRY and be some kinda sexy sluts… #epicfail But at least they dressed up. My homegirls were the flyest bitches there! And that bootleg Rihana and Beyonce bitches was WHACK ASS HELL! (lol insider). I was tipsy (maybe overly) on my Blue Long Island Ice Teas! The bartender downstairs made that shit weak ass hell and my girl Jessica was like “Look a gay bartender upstairs, go get a drink from him he will make it stronger for you because you are gay” and SHE WAS RIGHT! But he charged my $2 more so… blahness, haha. And someone needs to tell heterosexual black people… when they are playing Jamaican music it is not an excuse to have sex with your cloths on on the dance floor…. people have no damn morals I swear. “heeda heeda heeda heeda heeda heeda heeda heeda”

| more pics |

So then we leave the club early… my girls are getting old… But Karisa gonna make me do something I never in my life wanted to do! She drops me off at my house… and… She made me SNAP HER COOTIE BACK! Haha, well… she had on a black leotard that snaps in the NO NO area and while she was trying the two little buttons popped, so I am in the Middle of the East Side, in the Middle of the Night in the Middle of the damn Street on my knees between her legs SNAPPING HER DAMN COOTIE BACK TOGETHER. That shit was too funny…lol. So then me being a Fat ass had a Boomer Mode attack and then me and Jessica went to the diner for some grub. Good ol New Colony Diner… french fries cheese and gravy 🙂 *burps, waits for the zombie horde*

Other than that… so my UNEMPLOYMENT is over… and I am looking for a job. I was trying to get into RBS but the class was filled up in October so I was hit.. There was suppose to be a class in November but now it was changed until January. SO this sucks. Two months no job, no unemployment checks… WHAT IS AM ADORABLE SUPPLE BOY TO DO! *shruggs shoulders* I wish I could do something while I wait for that one but I don’t know what to do… I suck at looking for jobs… I am gonna start strolling down Kossuth Street at night… Condoms Check, Breath Mint Check, Flare Gun Check, uh… not Raptr Forum Signature really… well maybe… NO… we shall see. 🙂

Besides all that mess… I been playing XBOX 360 GAYMER MODE IN FULL EFFECT! I done broke though 49,000 Achievements Points! “GO TROPHY!” Bee playing Gears of War 3 ( GOOD GAME! *pulls out lancer* ) Rage ( GREAT GAME, LOVED IT *throws wingstick at your momma’s face!) Dead Island (fucking blah ass game. its like a Dead Rising but on a damn island with more players…didn’t like it) Batman Arkham City (hate this game… it pissed me off so much omg… blah. *plays as Catwoman* oh wait I couldn’t because you needed to buy a damn online code to play her if you didn’t buy the game…fucking bullshit)

My new Hobby is trying to be a Fiction Writer. My first story I am working on is called Angen and the first book is called Angen: The Awakening. So far I like writing a lot. I think I am creative so the ideas and story line comes so dam easy to me. I done planned out like 4 book series with mad characters and plots and twists. Only problem is getting it on paper. I started writing in September and already I got 210 pages written so I am half way there! “GO TROPHY” I am hoping to be done by January and then take two months of editing it and adding me detail description and making sure everything flows right and opens up stuff for the next book. Once all done I will try and send it out and get it published. It will be my dream job which will be a job where I DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH NO PEOPLE! *crosses fingers*

Ok I have to go now. Love me now, and Love me later 🙂 Trophy Out.

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Trophy’s Vida, Job Search, Club Vandome, Pitbull at Foxwoods Casino,Writer Mode.

Well the past few weeks I been mostly at home. Dilly dally mode in full effect; my life is so monotonous. Since I do not have a car I do not really go any where any more. Since I am saving what few dollars I get to get a new car, I don’t have money to go any where. It sucks. And I am not saving as much as I thought I would be now. Its been 2 months since I had my car totaled and I only saved on $1100.

What is worst in two months I will not have Unemployment any more so I need a car before then so I can find a decent job. I don’t know what to do. I am getting worried… but… nada I can do.Looking for a JOB is hard. I cannot plan ahead since I do not have a vehicle and most decent jobs our out of my town. Blahness in full effect to the bloody 5th power.

That last two weekend I had some fun though. Last weekend I went out with my black sistah souljahs, haha. Mostly they are my ex co workers from Cablevision. We pre gamed in the car a little and by the time we got to the first club Twisted Trophy was Popping! We went to club Karma, and it was whack. There was like eight people there so we wanted to leave and get our money back. The broke ass club owners didn’t wanna give us nothing. So Ms Gee dont play that and went all “oh no you didn’t” black girl on him. haha it was so funny. She got her money back! I just left, they can keep my ten dollars.

Then we went to club Vandome (which we should have just went to in the first place) and it was better. There is always mad people. We got more drinks and OMG I was drunk. We had mad fun. We all sweated our weaves out. I was so tipsy I was taking mad pictures of people I didn’t even know! It was a fun night! I spent like $50 I shouldn’t have spent, but it was fun!

Last weekend my sister calls me like “you wanna go see Pitbull” I wasn’t too excited about it but she said the tickets were free so I was like “OK!”Of course running with my sister we was rolling mad late. We was drinking Ciroc and Pineapple juice! It started ay 8 and we got there at like 9 and then the girls take like twenty minutes to get the damn car! and then take another ten minutes in the bathroom! So we only got to see the last twenty minutes of the concert. But it was fun! It was all his best songs at the end. Afterwards we went gambling on the slot machines. The clubs were jamming music, so I was gambling and jamming in my seat! After $30 I left with a damn ticket worth 18 cents! haha, but it was fun none the less.

Other then that I been playing my xbox 360. I need more games to come out but between September and November mad new games will be coming out and I will be rocking my gamefly hard! I started writing a fiction story. Chapter 4 page 45 so far, GO TROPHY! Hopefully I stick to this one and write one and complete it.

Still no cuddle buddy… blah.

And Yea! 🙂

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Summer Mode, Harry Potter, Work Needed, No Cuddle Buddy.

Why is Mother Nature like on her rag… She mad at the world and using the sun as her weapon. It is fucking hot out there… OMG. So for the most part my summer has been me trying to hide my balls from the sun because they are MELTING AWAY! I also been… BORED OUT MY HOMOSAPIEN MIND! I miss my car ( Death to the earthling asshole who hit and totaled my car WHILE IT WAS PARKED!) I been just mainly stuck in my room, under the AC playing xbox 360, watching tv, or just BSing online. This is so not an eventful summer. Then I was upset because my laptop broke. I am trying to save money for a new car and my damn laptop brakes and it costs me $160 to fix it. Then they call me to pick up my fixed laptop…I get it… go home… and turn it on and… I am like WTF IS THIS! It wasn’t my laptop! I had to bring it back and they had to call people and find my laptop and I hate to wait another day… blahness in full effect. I really need something great and wonderful to overshadow this blah monotonous that is my life. (haha I sound kinda smart with that sentence!)

I am only lucky because my Mom lets me use her car when I need it (but she aint got no AC). So I just been getting by with whatever. Also I am so glad my cousin Leanette has a POOL! I am gonna stay jumping in that pool all summer! Feels so nice, hydro relax mode! The pic is me at the Skate Park with my nephews… they love to skate so I had to pose on the skateboard… I cannt skate for shit though haha.

Sucks that summer is starting to get to the end and most people undergo some serious mating rituals haha. Summer is homosapien mating season… but me.. I just want a bloody cuddle buddy. I am not trying to get Summer Love just a simple cuddle date would be so cool! I wish I was more social… I do not meet no one because I do not go no where to meet them. And most homos I see… I quickly get in defense mode and don’t wanna talk to them.. haha. I am the weirdest gay dude. I really DISLIKE other gay dudes… every time I meet one or see one I just look at them and get disgusted. I have my reasons not to wanna deal with other gay dudes but I need to at least try to be a little more… social… I guess… Maybe.. NO… Yes… uh HI!

So yea I was fired like 16 months ago… and I have been collecting Unemployment. It is coming to and end soon so I really need to find a real job. I just don’t know where to go or what to do. So lost (someone come find me). I don’t know where I wanna work at.. then most jobs aint paying shit… or a lot make you work like 6 months temporary first… it so sucks. I should start a Cuddle Escort Service! Someone find me a job in the Bridgeport, CT area. Thanks.

So I went to go see Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part 2 in 3D! I went on Thursday Night… hell no was I waiting all the way till Friday to go see it. The movie theater was so damn packed… I went 90 minutes early and I still was all the way in the back of the line. I could not believe it. I was rocking my MUGGLE shirt and my House Of Gryffindor Tie! There was so many other people with Harry Potter costumes on it was so cool. Harry Potter Fans was NOT PLAYING. A lot of people even drew on a fake Harry Potter scar… a lot of them was in the wrong place but it was still cool! I am a BIG HARRY POTTER FAN now… I really loved the movie, but it was not EPIC for me. First of, do not see it in 3D not worth the extra money. 2nd I really hate movies that have good versus evil and the evil team always has WAY MORE people, but yet the little good team always wins at the end… its so blah. Epic battle at Hogwarts but NO GOOD WIZARDS or GOOD MAGIC CREATURES came. The evil side everybody and they momma… but yet no good people came! It was so stupid. Then it is at a school, kids are running and even dieing… where the fuck are all the parents… no parent wizards came either, no good people from the Ministry, No other Orders, No House Elves, Giants, No Phoenix, No Centaurs, No Merpeople in the black lake, No Whomping Willow! no other schools (like in the goblet of fire) … NO ONE. And even the battle scenes were kinda blah. There was no focus on the magic battles between people… I would have made it so more action packed then it was… next time they make a movie the fucking director needs to call me! Besides that one big problem I had, the movie was good. It was cool seeing a lot of people you grown to love and support start fighting back with magic! I wanna go see it again! *grabs wand* “Accio Harry Potter Tickets!”

Other then that… I am off to finish the rest of Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part 2 Book!

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Back in CT, Mom’s 50th BDAY, Car Totaled, Sis BDay, Yea.

So that is correct I am back in the Land Of Bridgeport, CT. “Bridgeport is among the world leaders in abandoned buildings, shattered glass, boarded-up windows, wild dogs and gas stations without pumps. (haha quoted from Family Guy)” The reason I came back was because my Siblings and I planned a surprise BDay Party for my Mother’s 50th BDay! I was kinda mad at first because I didn’t want to come back just yet from FL but it all worked for the best at the end. The party was great. My mom had a real nice time seeing all her family, friends and co workers together. Some of our fam that we had seen in years was there. My mom is a big sap so she was crying half the time,lol. I got a lot of pictures but I never uploaded them. Smh… Myabe I will after this post. HAPPY 50TH MOMMY!

So fast forward a week after the surprise BDAY Party… It is like 11:55pm Saturday Night and I hear a big BANG. I start laughing and start posting on Facebook , “haha ghetto ass people someone just hit someone elses car… and I soon as I was about to submit my status update I hear my family yelling to me “THEY HIT YOUR CAR!” So I continue to type… OH SHIT ITS MY CAR!” Fucking sucks. Drunk ass, stupid Ricans was riding and slammed into my car and took off. So since I only have Liability… and they took off… I GET NOTHING. So now I have no damn car.. it was completely totaled… I have the worst luck I swear. So now my summer is gonna be me staying home all day and saving the few coins I get to hopefully save enough to buy me a car before I get a new job. I hate my life.

A week after that it was my Sister Maylene’s BDAY PARTY! She turned 30 years old (old hag she is). SO we all went to Club Vandome which was ok. Usually I be loving it but it was kinda whack that night music wise. The DJ was so not giving me life that night. All I did was two step haha. My brother bought me a BLUE LONG ISLAND, and OMG I swear to yall that bitch of a bartender put battery acid in my drink because it was STRONG! After I forcefully drunk it down… I WAS IN THE MATRIX! It was fun, well the ride home. Let just say I AM SO FUNNY and being OVERLY TIPSY just add to my humor. I had my sister and all her friends cracking u in the car. FUN FUN FUN, I think I made my sisters BDAY night, GO TROPHY! It is scary to know that in 18 months I will be 30 years old. OMG, I am far too immature to be 30years old. *dies*

For the rest of it… just in serious dilly dally mode in full effect. Since I am trying to save… my life will be more uneventful then ever. SO SUCKS, especially since it is summer time. Ah well nada I can do. Just gonna be watching a lot more TV and playing XBOX 360…

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