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Hello Humans of Earth. It is I… Me.

Well since my last post like over a year ago I pretty much continue to live my monotonous life. Same shit different day. Which is ok I guess… it is what it is. I finally moved out. My sister’s neighbors moved and she called me to move in… and I ran out of excuses to move out of my family’s house so… I was like “Ok, I guess I will move out.” Having my own place is great and all but I am not overly excited. I do the same stuff I did when I just had a room… i stay in my room all day and watch movies and play video games. I mean now I would rather have my own place because just I do not have to deal with humans any more (which is awesome) so its cool. I like to buy furniture and house stuff… shopping is fun. I still got some more stuff to buy but the apartment looks pretty ok. Look at me being an adult and stuff….

No cuddle buddy…. yes I am still single. I am waiting for the Aliens to come to earth so I have better options. But since the world is populated with many stupid humans I doubt the Aliens are going to come visit any time soon. SMH. So single I shall remain. I accepted the fact that when I am 60 I will look like Santa Clause and have 12 cats and I am ok with that. I mean if there were some wizards, Jedi or super heroes around I would have more to choose from that were on “My Level” but….. the cheese stands alone.

Speaking of stupid humans…. these Trump BS…. I just cannot deal. It is so painfully pathetic the high level of STUPIDITY that is a Trump Supporter. All he has done… all the embarrassment he has caused America and the Human Race and people STILL support him and say he is doing a good job…… What are these people smoking? ARROGANT IGNORANCE IN MASS NUMBERS IS HORRIFYING. SLOWLY but surely people are starting to switch sides on him because they are running out of excuses…. This Trump era will go down as one of the most unpatriotic embarrassing political hot messes of modern day human history… and I am so glad I am staying on the RIGHT SIDE.

And FYI Trumpers… you can count on ME and MILLIONS of people across the world to NEVER let it go and NEVER let you forget how STUPID and PATHETIC you were by voting for this POS. Pinky Promise.

Work wise I still have the same job. It is great, best job I ever had, but I let some of the simple BS that happens in the background get to me. As always, I work very hard and sometimes do a little bit more and a little bit better then people around me but I always get recognized and treated a little less….. so unfair but thats humans at the work place for ya. I work in the Logistics Department now so I do a lot of shipping and receiving, inventory and odds and ends related to those two things. It is cool, finally glad to be done with Customer Service work.

Last year I talked about my Vegas trip… this year I am planning a Paris / Italy trip but the plans are not working out too much. Plan B would be to go to California and or Atlanta GA. In ATL there are having The Walking Dead Con that I am interested in going to. We shall see. If I could just find my wand I would be able to Dapperate anywhere I like but… no wand yet.

I am still hoping for the day where I can find time and motivation to write something and be creative… too many ideas and not enough time… I wanna be Carrie in NY with my laptop writing fiction or writing talking shit about people lol.
I would like to work for a magazine or something to… one day. just not today.

Other then that… just being a regular human of earth. Good Night muggle bitches. :)

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Tio Mode in Full Effect!

So I had to baby sit and me and the boys made Youtube Videos.

See what had happen was they are now into WWE Wrestlers… not super heroes, or star wars or anything… COOL. So I was kinda not the cool uncle so I decided to gain my coolness back by doing something they think is cool… YOUTUBE. So I scripted them on a show and tell video of their action figures and BAM… once again the cool uncle.

Look at all this cuteness! :)

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Trophy – Vegas NV / CA / AZ Trip.

So what is new… not a damn thing for the most part…

So I did go on my Vegas Trip after all even thought my back still sucks. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I stayed at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. The tower there has the dopest view I ever saw. The first few days I was running solo but I got to do a lot of sight seeing up and down the Las Vegas Strip. I got to visit Caesars Palace, The Paris Hotel and MGM Grand. They are so nice some are so damn huge! They are each like their own small city. I got to gamble and play 21 Black Jack and play slot machines. I played “Evaders from Planet MOOLAH” the most. It was so much fun…. I won like $200 but then lost like $200 after everything. It’s those damn free drinks! I was tipsy like at 2pm in Paris! CEST TRES DOMAGE, QUI? I got to visit a lot of stores, ate good food… fun times.

By Tuesday night I planned a trip to visit California! Took a Greyhound in the middle of the night to LA, CALI. My buddy Kyle took me all around the land. I went to Hollywood Cali, I got to see the Hollywood Sign, the Chinese Theater. I got to walk down the star strip and see the hand prints and signatures of celebrity. Took a boomer detour into Ghirardelli Chocolate store and got some ice cream, SO GOOD. We drove through Melrose and even went to the pier at Santa Monica, the carnival and the beach was so nice. I wanted to jump in the water but we were on a time schedule to beat that LA traffic.

I met up with my other friend Gladia (she is secretly in love with me since 5th grade). We drove to Long Beach California to stay at the Queen Mary Hotel Ship. It was so cool. It is an old ship like the Titanic that they docked and turned into a hotel. It is said to be haunted and they have all kinda of ghost tours and spiritual ceremonies. I didn’t do any of those but the ship it self was awesome. Everything in the hotel was from the 30s. We went to dinner at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. OMG it was so good! I been wanting to go here for so long. Chicken and Waffles… so good. The boomer was quite content!

We staid the night at the Haunted Hotel ship and in the morning drove from Cali to Las Vegas. We were happy to be alive and not possessed, haha. The drive was long but the scenery is beautiful. The cactus were cool to look at.
The next day we went on another adventure… took a tour bus to Arizona to go see the Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon, one of the natural wonders of the world. The canyon was beautiful and huge. The trip alone to Vegas / Cali for the scenery was worth it alone. The mountains were awesome. The canyon is on a Native American reserve so we got to see Native Americans. Crazy how they were around years ago by the millions and now a days you never get to see them. I got to take some real cool pictures.

We finish the trip by enjoying Las Vegas. We went to so many hotels there. My ass got drunk gambling playing Slot Machines and Black Jack… lost like $500. Thank goodness for ATM Limits if not I would have spent so much more.
I even called customer service to take off the hold of the ATM withdrawal but of course they were closed, which was good. I had fun though. I like gambling just sucks I am not good at it. We even went to see Zumanity Cirque Du Soleil. Which is like a Burlesque, Show Girls style of Cirque Du Soleil which was very fitting for Las Vegas. It was cool and funny.

Eventually it was time to leave. I was so depressed going back to Connecticut. Like who goes back to Connecticut it almost as worst as going back to Jakku. I would love to move there but it is way too damn hot in the summer there… smh. I want to go back… a few more times. So much too do there I haven’t even scratch the surface. I recommend anyone to go and visit. So much fun! Best vacation thus far!

Now I am back to my usual flow of things. Back to work. Back to being a house bum. I was just complaining on Facebook today that there are no new video games out there that I am interested in. This new gaming generation with new gaming consoles… suck. All the new “great” games come short. Only thing I am excited for is the re-release of Bioshock! I love this game so much!! I cannot wait to go back to Rapture… “Would you kindly make a Bioshock 3!?!?!” “Look Mr. Bubbles…. AN ANGEL!” Hopefully some new stuff comes out.

I finally bought a sewing machine! It was $450 but on sale for $150 so I jumped on it. I had it for weeks now but I haven’t even used it yet. I really want to make a costume for Halloween but… I haven’t figured out how to put the damn thread in it, haha. I am just being lazy and nervous on how much the fabrics will cost. Smh. I need to practice on old cloths and make stuff with them and then work on my real costume when I get the hang of it. Donko Swag will soon be in full effect!

I keep coming closer to motivating myself to write fiction more… one day I will write a sentence, then a paragraph then a page and then a chapter and then…. a book. One Day.

On a side note… I been in online disputes about gun violence and religion versus gay rights on Facebook. Really makes me sad there are so many people in the world who are so evil and cruel. These damn Orcs of Mordor, House Of Slytherin, Dark Side Bitches of the world… smh. Like equality for all is just that equality for all. And I do not get why people don’t realize there are like 3,000 different forms of religion all over the world. Have the same equal fair rights for all the people and keep your religious beliefs away from law and government. So simple to me but other humans just want what their beliefs to govern the world and they only want people who look like them to have “equality.” That is not quality or religious freedom… that’s a Religious Dictatorship. *shakes head* So many tens of thousands of years of human history and we still cannot work together for fairness…. this is why Aliens do not come visit… are Humanity is no where near ready.

Well anyways… I am here outside waiting for the cable guy to come and change our cable boxes. I learned this jerks drive by and back like no one was home…. not going to happen today. I am going to call if he is late and get my on time guarantee. Don’t fuck with me fellas! This aint my first time at the rodeo! *snaps*

Peace out you carbon base life forms. :)

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A been gone for a minute now I’m back at the Blog Off!

Did he… oh yes he did… POST A NEW BLOG ENTRY! Say Word, Say Sentence, shoot Say PREPOSITIONAL PHRASE!

Oh how you missed me. The minutes, the hours, the days, the weeks, the years with out the presence of “Orlando Soto Jr. Mr. Trophy if ya nasty” to guide you into the future. I know you have been wallowing in your tears and patiently awaiting my return. The wait is over (but might come back again).

Update on My Life:
Life is moving forward. Very uneventful and very monotonous. I am still the same homosapien from the block. I pretty much just work, come home watch movies, play some video games, bother and annoy people around me, stay out of trouble and day dream of developing super powers to save the world from the stupid people that plague us all. Chocolate and chicken are my best friends. I still live with the Goya Clan. Still planning on moving but never go any where. Still paying off college debt. Smh.

The only thing new I have been doing is trying to be more out going. My last year New Years Resolution was to be more outgoing and travel more… so I did. I went to Miami, Chicago, NY, Boston, and Providence. This year I plan to continue with my progress and journey to new worlds withing the continental area of course.

I have plans to go to Las Vegas in two weeks! I am excited about that but… Two weeks ago some heifer going to find herself speeding and ran through a stop sign… and Of-course the powers that be made it so that I was present at that very moment when it would allow her to SMASH her faded 2006 Nissan into my car (that I just bought 2 months ago might I add). So hopefully I feel a little better by then so I can still go if not I will have to cancel. :(

2016 has been kinda sucking ass. I had to rush and get a newer car because my old car was messing up. Spent a lot of money there and BAM I get into the car accident. A lot of job drama. Again I become the dope ass employee that does a lot of the work with such golden quality and even train new hires and ONCE AGAIN forced to deal with Catty, Pitiful, Lying Humans that want to make me look bad because they don’t like how good I am and how I defend myself and don’t back down when I know I am right. It is a sad day in America when ADULTS in a Professional Environment behave like high school children. Humans are so flawed. I was born with integrity so it frustrates me when other people lack it.
After that I had some finical BS but that’s getting better. Oh, and I was sick this week. Throwing up like the Exorcist. The power of Christ was not compelling me! It was horrible and I am still healing from the car accident. :(

What else what else…

Oh still no cuddle. Yes I said it… STILL NO CUDDLE BUDDY. Those who knew me since back on daricanboi.com days know I been waiting a LONG TIME. What happened was… after trying and dealing with so much BS I just quit. I don’t want to waste any more time on short term disappointments. So I decided to save myself for Luke Perry but as I said… still nothing. I kind of don’t mind anymore. I kind of accepted I am always going to be single, eventually look like Santa Claus and be the old funny man with 12 cats… It is what it is. But for real though… if y’all got a brother, cousin, or young uncle… HOOK IT UP. :)

Plans for the future:
Just move out on my own. Get these damn school loans down and done with. Keep an eye out for better opportunities and possibly even move out of state (how he moving out of state when he aint even move out the nest yet?).
I would love to get the opportunity to have time to write. I would love to be a fiction writer. I want to learn how to sew so I can make super hero, sci fi type cloths. Could be cool. One day.

Other then that just keep on being me.

Until next time….. stay strong in the force.

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Xbox One August Update.

I so LOVE an update! I love making things better.
The update (even though I want more) has some cool things.

Activity feed looks better and I like that you can LIKE and COMMENT and SHARE (I was just telling my friend Smokey that too bad we can send the videos we make like in a message, well now we can)

Low Battery Notifications, this is like a DUH one, but glad it is now added.

Friends tab looks good. I always secretly check on my friends games and achievements to be sure I have more then them…. this makes it so much easier! :)

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